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  1. Maximum Motorsports Adjustable Aluminum Panhard Rod (2005-2014 Mustang  - MM5PBAR-3

    Maximum Motorsports 2005-2014 Adjustable Aluminum Panhard Rod

    - The MM Adjustable Panhard Rod. Exchanging the rubber-bushed stock Panhard rod for MM's adjustable rod, fitted with spherical rod-ends, improves the drivability and straight-line stability of the 2011 Mustang. The rubber bushings of the stock rod allow the rear axle to move slightly sideways underneath the chassis, giving the car a "nervous" feeling. There is a noticeable loss of straight-line stability, and is why lots of small corrections to the steering wheel are required to keep the car tracking down a straight road. MM's Panhard rod will improve the straight-line stability by eliminating the deflection caused by the stock rubber bushings. The car becomes much less nervous, and is more enjoyable to drive.

    The adjustable length of the MM Panhard Rod allows the rear axle to be repositioned. This is especially helpful when larger tires and wheels are fitted, or the car is lowered. Learn More

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