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  1. Baer 05-2012 Mustang Tracker Adjustable Tie Rod Ends

    Baer 05-2012 Mustang Tracker Adjustable Tie Rod Ends

    Understanding Bump Steer:

    Lowering a vehicle or altering its caster and/or camber can lead to unsafe driving conditions, commonly called "bump steer." Simple maneuvers, such as hard braking, cornering or traveling over road-surface irregularities, can cause the vehicle to dart in an unexpected direction.

    Baer Trackers solve this problem! The pin-height-adjustable tie rods allow compensation for ride height and suspension geometry changes, enabling a more optimal range of articulation between the tie rod and the steering arm. Steering geometry is optimized and bump steer is eradicated.

    (To adjust the tie rod height, simply move the steel spacers from one side of the spherical bearings.)

    Baer Tracker Features:
    * Hardened chrome-moly pins
    * Teflon-lined chrome-moly spherical bearings
    * Aluminum sleeves

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  2. UPR 05-2014 Mustang Extreme Bumpsteer Kit (Black)

    UPR 2011 Mustang GT GT500 Extreme Bumpsteer Kit - Black

    * Extreme Series Bumpsteer Kit
    * 60 Minute Install
    * Fits GT and Shelby GT500
    * CNC Billet Aluminum Sleeve
    * 4140 Chrome Moly Stud
    * Eliminates Bumpsteer Problems
    * Black Anodized Finish

    UPR's New Extreme Series Bumpsteer kit for your 2011 Ford Mustang GT and GT500 with Power Steering offers the widest range of adjustment and twice the strength of any other kits available, made from High Strength 7075 Aircraft aluminum and 4140 Chrome Moly Steel. UPR's New bumpsteer kit will eliminate all your bumpsteer headaches.

    The UPR PRODUCTS extreme bumpsteer kits were engineered to give you the quickest and best installation, without the hassle of drilling the spindle. Highly Recommended for all Mustangs that are using the bumpsteer kit: Lowering springs, Caster camber plate kit, Offset rack bushings.

    Our Quality & Finish will leave you with a grin from ear to ear as it is the Best looking unit available for your Ford Mustang or Cobra.

    Quality Construction:

    Adjuster sleeves are CNC Machined from 6061 Billet Aluminum to replace the factory power point opening. Stud is made from 4140 Chrome Moly Steel and zinc plated. Using the latest in Diamond cut technology, which uses a special diamond cutter on the finishing pass giving you the best looking billet part possible.

    No one else gives you the bold clean styling of our Aftermarket Dress Ups, Suspension and Performance Parts for your American Muscle Car like UPR Products!

    Installs in 60 minutes or less. No drilling required.

    Click Here for Instructions

    Fits these Vehicles:

    2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 GT V8 4.6 5.4 GT500 GT-500 Shelby Bullitt Mustang Steeda Roush & Saleen Vehicles.

    Made in the USA!

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  3. Ford Performance Mustang Bump Steer Kit

    • Service replacement for 2013 Mustang Boss 302S Race Car
    • Fits 2005-2013 Mustang
    • Allows adjustment of bump steer after making changes to control arm geometry, control arm position or if you have significantly increased caster
    • Kit includes pair of spherical rod ends, tapered stud, assortment of spacers and hardware
    • Toe adjustments are easily made without tire removal.
    • Off-Road use only

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  4. Scott Drake 05-2010 Mustang Bumpsteer Tie Rod Ends

    Replace your factory tie-rod with our bolt in adjusters to easily fine tune out bumpsteer that causes unwanted handling characteristics. Constructed of 7075-T6 billet aluminum adjusters with heavy-duty spherical rod ends and heat-treated high alloy steel tapered shafts. Highly recommended for lowered vehicles or modified suspensions.

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  5. Ferarro Speed S197 Mustang Bump Steer Kit

    Ferraro Speed Parts is happy to announce our new line of products, starting with the Ferraro Speed S197 bumpsteer kit.

    Built and designed 100% on US soil, this no-compromise S197 bumpsteer kit allows you to adjust bump steer on the car and lock in your position, without removal and without the use of washers/shims.

  6. Fits all S197 mustangs (2005 - 2014)
  7. Finitely adjustable on the car without the use of shims
  8. 6061 T6 aluminum adjusters
  9. 4130 chro-moly heim joint, utilizing self lubricating ptfe liners
  10. Saves time, effort and allows a more precise dial in.
  11. The entire production process, from design, to fabrication, plating and engraving, is all done in the USA
  12. It's about time someone set a higher standard!
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