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  1. Baer 05-2012 Mustang Tracker Adjustable Tie Rod Ends

    Baer 05-2012 Mustang Tracker Adjustable Tie Rod Ends

    Understanding Bump Steer:

    Lowering a vehicle or altering its caster and/or camber can lead to unsafe driving conditions, commonly called "bump steer." Simple maneuvers, such as hard braking, cornering or traveling over road-surface irregularities, can cause the vehicle to dart in an unexpected direction.

    Baer Trackers solve this problem! The pin-height-adjustable tie rods allow compensation for ride height and suspension geometry changes, enabling a more optimal range of articulation between the tie rod and the steering arm. Steering geometry is optimized and bump steer is eradicated.

    (To adjust the tie rod height, simply move the steel spacers from one side of the spherical bearings.)

    Baer Tracker Features:
    * Hardened chrome-moly pins
    * Teflon-lined chrome-moly spherical bearings
    * Aluminum sleeves

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