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  1. Mcleod Racing 463408 8 Bolt Steel Flywheel (1996-2017 Mustang 4.6L / 5.0L / 5.4L)

    McLeod Steel Flywheels are perfect for street applications where easy stop light acceleration is desired. They are also recommended for rock crawlers and off road driving. Our steel flywheels are CNC machined from billet alloy steel. They have 1045 hardened steel ring gears.

    • Flywheel Steel 30#
    • Mustang 4.6L 1996-2014
    • 8 Bolt Crank w/ Dowel Pins 0 Balance 164T

    Vehicle Make: Ford
    Vehicle Engine: 1996-2017 4.6L/5.0L/5.4L 8 Bolt Crank
    Ring Gear: 164 tooth
    Flywheel Material: Steel
    Clutch Patterns: 11" Mustang with Dowel Pin Holes 2001.5 to 2010
    Engine Balance: Internal Balance
    Additional Counter Weight Kit Required: Not Required
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  2. Mcleod Racing 563408 8 Bolt Aluminum Flywheel (1996-2004 Mustang Cobra / Mach 1 / 1999-Mid 2001 GT / 2011-2014 GT, Boss 302)

    Aluminum flywheels are ideal for numerous applications. These lightweight units are generally not recommended for naturally aspirated street vehicles, but will work well in lightweight vehicles with either superchard or turbocharged engines. These flywheels are ideal for higher horsepower engines and combinations that acheive rapid RPM levels.

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  3. Mcleod Racing 8 Bolt Lightened Steel Flywheel (1996-2004 Mustang Cobra / Mach 1 / 1999-Mid 2001 GT / 2011-14 GT, Boss 302)

    The Mcleod 463458 is a lighter version of the 463408. It weighs 7lbs less (21 lbs) and is perfect for high horsepower street applications.

    NOTE: This flywheel will not work with the OEM GT500 Clutch.

    The steel flywheel is perfect for street applications where easy stop light acceleration is desired and for off road or rock crawling. Steel flywheels come in various weights and and dimensions. For race applications, a heavier steel unit is ideal for helping launch a heavy car with a smaller engine with less torque and horsepower.

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  4. Mcleod Racing 563408HSK Mustang 8 Bolt Aluminum Flywheel Replacement Friction Plate

    McLeod replacement friction plate and hardware for 563408 Aluminum Flywheel Learn More

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