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Mustang Performance Transmissions

The Mt-82 and 6R80 transmissions that came in the 11-14 Mustang have worked very well for us here at Lethal Performance. However when you up the power from the stock level the stock components won't last. The most important parts to upgrade on the 11-14 Mustang MT-82 would be the clutch, flywheel, shifter and clutch line. Those are the essentials to a longer lasting, better performing transmission with less chances of failure. Our personal experience has always been great using McLeod Racing's products. We've used their RXT and RST twin disc setups in several of our MT-82 cars with awesome results. Add their clutch line upgrade into the mix along with an aftermarket short throw shifter from MGW or Barton and you're all set. We also offer several other clutch/flywheel options from manufacturers such as Mantic, Ram, Exedy, Spec and Centerforce all designed to meet your specific needs and goals. Onto the 6R80 transmission the most common issue we see with these are broken intermediate shafts. We offer a high strength aftermarket intermediate shaft from TCS as well as a rebuild kit from Exedy. For drag strip applications we offer several different torque converters from CircleD. So depending on the horsepower level you're at or what RPM you want to launch your car at we have what you're looking for. If you have any questions regarding any transmission products for your mustang please feel free to contact your Lethal Performance sales associate today.