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  1. C&L 05-09 Mustang GT Complete MAF System

    C&L 05-09 Mustang GT Complete MAF System

    Add up to 17+HP to your new 2005+ Mustang GT


  2. C&L Inlet Pipe
  3. S&B 9-inch Cone Filter (reusable)
  4. C&L 82mm CNC machined Meter Housing
  5. C&L custom sealed filter heat shroud

  6. C&L is pleased to announce ANOTHER FIRST for Mustang enthusiasts. Owners of the cool new 2005 GT Mustang will love the complete package that we have developed for these vehicles. So much more than a "cold air" kit, this is a complete system that truly addresses every aspect of improving the air intake on the all-new Mustang. As a complete throttle-body forward package, the entire factory air intake assembly is replaced with all new components. While others will try to sell a "cold air" package that consists of a cone filter and an exhaust pipe tube based mass airflow housing, only our package comes with an all-new (patent pending) cast inlet pipe and a larger CNC machined aluminum mass airflow housing. Also included in this package is a new high flow conical filter assembly, custom filter shroud that separates it from the engine compartment heat, MAF mounting bracket, mounting hardware, installation tool and instructions. Dyno testing the 2005 GT has shown that the computer is so sensitive to airflow changes that a computer modification is necessary in order to control the air/fuel ratio at the proper level. Installing this air intake assembly on a 2005+ GT without any tuning will result in a leaner-than-ideal 14:1 air/fuel ratio. While certainly not lean enough to cause engine durablility concerns, it is leaner than what is desired for optimum performance. Even when replacing the air filter ONLY to a higher flow assembly, the air/fuel ratio leans out at an alarming rate. This means that any 2005+ Mustang owner who is interested in modifying their new car for better performance will have to use some form of tuning, and we feel that we have found the best solution. Learn More

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