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  1. Stifflers 97-04 F150 Long Bar Traction System

    Get a Grip and Stop Spinning your Wheels!

    Stifflers Long Bar Traction System will get you hooked up and put the power to the ground where it belongs. Our system is designed for both street and track applications. Mounting brackets allow for four possible combinations of adjustability to help fine tune the system to your driving style or current track conditions by minimizing axle rotation (leaf spring wrap) and maximizing front end lift. Additionally, the extra strong and stiff chromoly bars are adjustable and equipped with high strength rod ends to hold up against the most demanding conditions. This system can be used alone or combined with our Stiffening System for maximum performance from your Lightning, Harley Davidson or F-150 (2WD) truck.

  2. Quicker weight transfer
  3. Decrease 60' times
  4. Reduce wasted horsepower
  5. More responsive and repeatable suspension tuning
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