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  1. AeroForce Wideband Air/Fuel Sensor Kit

    AeroForce Wideband Air/Fuel Sensor Kit

    The Aeroforce wideband air/fuel kit comes with the following:

    Digital 12 volt Wideband Controller Unit LSU4.9 Wideband Oxygen Sensor 10 ft. Sensor Wire Harness 5 ft. Control Unit to Gauge Wire Harness 5 ft. Power Wire Harness Weld- In Sensor Bung Full instructions and technical support

    Now you can easily monitor and log air/fuel ratio on your Aeroforce gauge or other data logging device with our affordable wideband air/fuel kit. Accurate to 0.1 A/F point allowing you to accurately monitor your engine tune or PCM calibration. According to Bosch, due to the improved sensing element design the LSU4.9 shows higher lifetime robustness over the LSU4.2 This means it generally will have a longer life span and deliver more accurate readings. This sensor draws less power and has some advantages in high flow situations. It can be used in diesel applications as well, the 4.2 is not designed for this.

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  2. Aeroforce 2000 psi Nitrous Sensor Kit

    Aeroforce 2000 psi Nitrous Sensor Kit

    The nitrous sensor listed below are high accuracy units with 0.5 to 4.5v output which is compatible with our gauges. For those who already have an Aeroforce gauge these provide an inexepensive and easier alternative to buying and installing separate gauges for these functions. Sensor has a 1/8" NPT fitting.

    2000 psi sensor with 12" pigtail:
    - Reads 0-2000 psig
    - 0.5% accuracy (10 psi)

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  3. Aeroforce Thermocouple Amplifier/Linearizer

    These units have conversion accuracy of +/- 4 deg F between 400 and 1600 deg. F. Click here to see the accuracy specifications. Unit easily connects to the Interceptor scan gauge or other data logging device and includes instructions with linear conversion values.Learn More

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