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If you're looking to mod your mustang and plan to make big power or are looking to do an E85 / Flex fuel conversion aftermarket fuel system components are a very important part of the equation. That's because the stock fuel injectors as well as stock pumps are only designed to handle a certain amount of power before being maxed out. The same goes for the E85 / Flex fuel conversion. E85 requires close to 30% more fuel volume to support the same power that you can make on conventional gasoline. So when adding an aftermarket supercharger kit, turbo kit or a big shot of nitrous choosing the right fuel system components is the difference between success or failure. Remember that your engine is an expensive item to repair or replace so make sure not to skimp out on your fuel system or you'll end up being sorry you didn't do the proper upgrades after it's too late. Lethal Performance offers several different brand and size fuel injectors for your mustang all designed to support specific horsepower goals as well as different type of fuels. Our top selling brands of fuel injectors are Injector Dynamics, Siemens Deka, Ford Performance and Deatschwerks. We also offer several different fuel system upgrades which include Lethal Performance, DivisionX and Sai Li fuel systems. These systems are all designed to safely support certain horsepower goals as well as different fuel types. Whether it be a dual pump setup or a triple pump we've got it all. Each one of these systems has different options for pumps, fuel filters, fuel rails and hose types. For E85 setups we recommend going with a system that uses pumps, filter and lines that are compatible with E85. If you're not in the ballpark of needing a completely different fuel system we also have a great option from our good friends at JMS. Their FuelMax fuel pump voltage booster works great to help increase the horsepower rating of your stock fuel pump assembly by increasing the voltage to the pump system. These JMS units are available in plug and play setups as well as splice in ones.