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2020 & 2021 GT500 Catbacks

Whether you're on the open road or putting the pedal to the floor on the track, nothing gets you more excited than the aggressive sound of a premium exhaust. At Lethal Performance, we feel the same way about supplying them to you. We have an excellent selection of 2020 GT500 Catback exhausts (and newer) that deliver flawless performance when pushed to their limits. Each of our 2020-2021 Shelby GT500 Catbacks has been designed specifically for Ford's new supercharged 5.2L Predator engine with sound and performance in mind. In fact, there's a good chance you might wake up the whole neighborhood as you pull out of your driveway for the first time – but don't worry, they'll forgive you if you give them a ride sometime. We carry 2020/21 GT500 Catback exhausts from the top-rated brands on the market, including Corsa Performance, Borla, Stainless Works and more.

2020/21 Shelby GT500 Catbacks: What They Can Do For You

Aside from making your GT500 sound sweeter than ever, our selection of 2020/21 GT500 Catbacks offers tons of added benefits to your ride. We all know that those of us who love performance always want a little bit more, and 2020/21 GT500 Catbacks deliver in a big way. With a premium exhaust, you'll find your GT500 lighter than ever, giving you more horsepower and speed that is sure to turn heads. In addition to providing a deep, aggressive growl under acceleration, you'll find that many of our 2020/21 GT500 Catback exhausts offer a drone-free cruise for those long stretches of road. In the end, adding a high-end performance exhaust to your GT500 offers you a premium riding experience everywhere you go.

Find 2020-2021 GT500 Catback Exhausts at Lethal Performance

Don't settle for stock – update your 2020/21 GT500 with a Catback exhaust to make that stock Predator engine sound like a housecat by comparison. At Lethal Performance, we've cultivated the best selection of premium exhaust systems so you can find the perfect fit for you and your GT500. Shop Lethal Performance today, and unlock a new era of aggressive sound for your GT500. If you have any questions about our 2020/21 GT500 Catbacks, give us a call at 1.877.253.8425 to speak to one of our experts.