Shelby American Dual Pass Heat Exchanger w/ Dual Puller Fans

SKU: SPP-Z12-S5M-6K775-U

Manufacturer: Shelby Performance Parts

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Shelby American Dual Pass Heat Exchanger w/ Dual Puller Fans

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Whether your Shelby is bone stock or highly modified, supercharged cars get heat soaked. Shelby has discovered the solution: The Shelby Dual Pass/Dual Puller Fan Heat Exchanger.

Designed by Shelby and C/R, our extreme duty heat exchanger uses a proprietary NASCAR core, which features a single row core with a dual pass system.  

The intercooler and heat exchanger build higher temperatures in normal, spirited or on track driving conditions. With a stock Shelby or Mustang, the car has an on board computer program begins to curb spark and timing at 100 degrees. 100 degrees within the intercooler and heat exchanger can be achieved within minutes of starting the vehicle. After market tuners change this parameter to begin the timing and spark curb trend at 130 degrees to 140 degrees. Almost all supercharged vehicle owners can comprehend the power difference in their car when they first start it and drive versus 20 minutes later when the car just doesn’t seem to run as well or willing to "Spin the tires" This is what is called "Heat Soak."

2007-2012 Shelby GT500
2005-2010 Shelby GT, Mustang GT (4.6L)
2011-2012 Shelby GT350, Mustang GT (5.0L)

Changed from part number "Z12-CR-GT5-CPR002B" on 09 September 2011

There are two puller fans each pulling 709 CFM. That 1,418 CFM of air flow across the core of the heat exchanger which pulls the heat out of the fluid in the intercooler and heat exchanger.

Engineered, designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.

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Genuine Shelby American

Manufacturer Shelby Performance Parts

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