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S&B 05-09 4.0L V6 Mustang High Performance Intake System

SKU: 75-5004

Manufacturer: S&B

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S&B 05-09 4.0L V6 Mustang High Performance Intake System

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S&B 05-09 4.0L V6 Mustang High Performance Intake System

All new at Lethal Performancs is the S&B V6 Mustang Performance intake which adds 14+ Rear Wheel and up to a 4% increase in fuel economy

No Tuning Required

S&B Filters, a longtime leader in the OE replacement filter market, has expanded their line of intake products to include some of the nicest cold air intake systems available. Like their replacement intake filters, S&B Intakes are engineered to maximize the air flow to the engine. Exceptional design coupled with advanced R&D allow us to get the power increases you demand and the protection you desire. And like their replacement filters, every intake system is tested to the ISO 5011 Standard.

Features and Benefits

* Washable, reusable filter is manufactured with four or eight layers of premium cotton guaze to maximize airflow and filtration
* Custom high-performance air box isolates the filter from engine heat, drawing in colder air from outside the engine bay to boost engine performance
* Exceptional design streamlines airflow, allowing the engine to ingest more air, increasing horsepower * Simple to install - includes easy to follow instruction with every kit. Most kits install in less than 1-hour
* Every gas kit is CARB exempt or has been submitted for CARB exemption (diesel - N/A)
* Made in the USA

Another benefit of buying from S&B is the testing rigor every filter goes through before it is released. Best of all, test data is available for every product S&B sells. S&B test to the ISO 5011 Standard in a climate controlled lab. This is the same technique used by Ford, Chrysler and GM to design your OE induction system that comes with your vehicle.
During testing, S&B measures the restriction of airflow through each vehicle's OE system to create a baseline for test comparisons. As you know, the goal of any performance intake is to reduce the restrictions found in OE systems that limits the performance of your vehicle's engine. Reduced restrictions gives improved throttle response and increased horspower and torque. Since your engine doesn't have to work as hard to produce the required amount of power, improved fuel economy is another benefit you will get.
Another benefit of S&B's intake kits is the acrylic cover that allows visual access to the filter without effort. While other systems have required customers to measure and customize a clear cover for their intake boxes, S&B provides this benefit out of the box.
Test results are available for every filter and intake kit S&B makes. To see the results, go to the S&B website (click here) and click on the ISO test results specific to your vehicle's application.
Manufacturer S&B

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