Roush Mustang 2.3L Ecoboost Quad Tip Active Exhaust Kit (CONVERTIBLE ONLY)

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Manufacturer: Roush

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Roush Mustang 2.3L Ecoboost Quad Tip Active Exhaust Kit (CONVERTIBLE ONLY)

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With the top down you don’t always need a loud exhaust, our ROUSH Active exhaust system puts you in control of your Mustang’s exhaust note. Stealthily pull out of your driveway without waking the kids by keeping your Active exhaust in touring mode. Switch to SPORT mode and open up your exhaust once you hit the open road. Using our ROUSH Quad Tip exhaust with mandrel bent T-304 stainless steel from the axle back and a high flow dual tip muffler as a base our proprietary Active Exhaust system uses data from your Mustang’s Powertrain control module, positioning its valves based on throttle position, RPM and speed. A brushed aluminum, console mounted, selector switch swaps sound modes on the fly. And our Active Exhaust app for iOS lets you create and edit sound maps for custom mode.

Download the Roush Active Exhaust iOS App from the App Store -

The ROUSH Active Exhaust system features four modes: TOURING, SPORT, TRACK, and CUSTOM.

TOURING mode can be selected to close the exhaust tailpipe valves completely and keep the exhaust volume at its absolute minimum – especially useful when you want to fly under the radar without waking up the neighbors.

SPORT mode allows the exhaust valves to open when the engine is idling and close during normal, non-aggressive driving. The valves open again when you step on it or drive at high speeds. These settings are pre-loaded to be more aggressive (louder) than stock, but are still legal for street operation. When the engine is running, the accelerator pedal position and vehicle speed are used to determine the position of the Active Exhaust valves.

TRACK mode is the loudest of the modes. This mode keeps the Active Exhaust valves fully open at all times when the engine is running and is typically used only on the track, as it is not legal for street operation.

CUSTOM mode allows the operator to employ an iOS application and Wi-Fi module attached to the vehicle’s diagnostic port to personalize the exhaust sound for unique calibration. Through the application, the user gains full control over the position of the valves based on vehicle speed and accelerator position.

Requires ROUSH rear valance 421894 (w/o back up sensors) or 421919 (with back up sensors).
Fits Mustang 2.3L Ecoboost with premium chassis packages only (Trim levels - 200A/201A)
OE Quality Engineering and construction for long life
Dual Tip Mufflers
2015 Mustang 2.3L Convertible only
4" Chrome flashed tips
Corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel
Full mandrel bending
Uses OEM hangars and mounting points
No welding required
Touring, Sport, Track and Custom settings for 4 exhaust "systems" out of the box
Custom programming feature through included WiFi OBD2 interface to Roush Apple iOS application
Allows nearly infinite exhaust tone configurations. "MAP" and build your own exhaust note!
Brushed Aluminum Console Mounted 4 Mode Selector Switch
Easy Plug and Play Installation
Includes all necessary wiring, modules, hardware, and instructions
Manufacturer Roush
Free Shipping Yes

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