Procharger 5.0L Mustang HO Intercooled P1SC System


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Procharger 5.0L Mustang HO Intercooled P1SC System

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Procharger 5.0L Mustang HO Intercooled P1SC System System Includes:

  • Self Lubricated P1SC head unit
  • Additional 8 rib drive system
  • ProFlo Bypass Valve
  • Additional In-Tank fuel pump
  • Pre-programmed tuner 2 core
  • Front Mounted Intercooler
  • All brackets, piping, hoses and clamps for a complete installation


Industry Leading Power

With ProCharger technology, reliably adding big horsepower to your engine is a lot easier than you may think. Intercooled ProCharger systems utilize exclusive features and proven technology to deliver reliable 50-85% emissions legal gains in horsepower and torque with stock motors running pump gas. ATI is the only company that has put stock 4.6 2V's and pushrod 5.0's into the 11's, and is the only company that guarantees the best performance gains. Nothing else even comes close! For modified street applications, ProCharger technology delivers 10-second ET's with the least amount of engine modifications - and with the supercharger still under warranty. For highly modified applications, ProCharger is the undisputed leader in Ford racing, with eleven national championships in the past 2 years alone. Superior products yield superior results.


Advanced Design

The patented SC design eliminates the need for oil lines and punching a hole in the oil pan. Additionally, instead of being forced to utilize heated engine oil or the grease in sealed bearings, SC ProChargers are lubricated with an extremely high quality synthetic oil which is specifically engineered for high speed use, and produces the least frictional heat and parasitic load. The self-contained design not only eliminates the heat that is transferred to a supercharger by engine oil in oil-fed applications, it also avoids the risk of clogged supercharger oil lines, oil drainage problems, or engine oil leakage. By combining an advanced multi-patented supercharger transmission design with the highest quality oil, SC ProChargers produce a larger net power gain because they run cooler and consume less power than comparable oil-fed designs. Both street and strip ProCharger models are also the most durable superchargers available, and are backed by the industry's best warranty coverage.



  • Model Year must be specified.
  • Due to variability among OEM computers, and the prevalence of custom modifications, dyno tuning may be required.
  • California Special models must be specified at time of order.

NOTE to 2013-2014 customers: The intercooler in this kit may interfere with the fog lights. Procharger recommends upgrading to the Stage II system as the intercooler in that kit is more low profile and will not interfere with the fog lights.

Manufacturer Procharger
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Customer Reviews

Not quite as easy as described but not bad and well worth the time and money!! Review by Donald
To start off, I'd describe myself as a self taught backyard mechanic with 5-6 years experience. I've done suspension stuff, brakes, an engine build and numerous other things. My car is a 2012 GT Auto w/ 4.10 gears, MSD coil on plugs, and a Flowmaster Outlaw Catback system. It has a bunch of other work but not all that important for this review. I've been wanting a Procharger setup for some time now and finally saved up the money to get it. I decided HO over Stage 2 because this is my daily driver and with 4.10's and street tires, I honestly would prob never see the diff. Plus, it was cheaper and since I was doing the install myself I wanted to keep it as simple as possible. I chose to pay extra and get the black burnished finish for the head unit and a satin braked which looks awesome. Gear wise, I went straight cut. The noise level at idle from the P1SC1 really isn't bad. It's still possible to have a conversation outside of the car, if the radio is on inside at a mod level you totally won't hear it, and while cruising it is almost not noticeable. If you like the sound of more aggressive exhaust I'd diff stick with the straight cut gears. Install wise, It is not as easy as some of the literature makes it seem. You will def need more tool wise than a 113 piece Craftsman set. Overall the install isn't bad though. It took me around 11hrs. I did it by myself and did't really feel like I needed another person. I did it using a pretty good variety of basic hand tools, and the instructions could be better but are decent. The instructions are good but maybe not as up to date and comprehensive as they could be. I recommend reading the instructions through several times before starting into it to get a good idea of whats involved and wether its something you want to do yourself. Basic tools aside you'll want to have an impact gun w/ 18mm socket, a good torque wrench, #20 torx screwdriver and a set of hex bits. The soldering iron, and coolant listed won't be necessary. Take your time and follow the instructions exactly and it should go time. If I did it again, I would mount the bracket first and then the blower vs both already bolted together like the instructions say. Thats pretty much about it. One other warning. The base tunes are sent with the factory gear ratio programmed in and all the user adjustable parameters disabled. If your running aftermarket gears you will have to email Procharger Tech support and have them change and email you a new tune. I had to do this. They were super fast and very friendly. The kit installed rocks!!! The fit and finish is very good and the car absolutely screams with the 4.10's and Flowmaster Outlaws!!! The staff at Lethal were very helpful in getting me the head unit in the black finish and updating the options and with the reward points I got a set of the Ford Racing spark plugs for supercharged engines which Procharger recommends. Thanks Lethal Performance!! (Posted on 1/23/15)

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