PLX DM-100 OBD 2 1/16" (52mm) Color OLED Universal OBD Gauge w/ Control Box and 4 Button Remote

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Manufacturer: PLX Devices, Inc.

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PLX DM-100 OBD 2 1/16" (52mm) Color OLED Universal OBD Gauge w/ Control Box and 4 Button Remote

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Eliminate the need for multiple gauges with the PLX MULTI-GAUGE. Run PLX Sensor Modules and view up to 4 parameters at once on one crystal clear Organic LED display. Thought our custom MULTI-GAUGE couldn't get any better? It just did. With OBDII plug & play connectivity, you can view your ECU data and PLX Sensor Module data at the same time. The PLX MULTI-GAUGE is designed specifically to display a wide variety of automotive information far superior to that of a standard automotive gauge. The MULTI-GAUGE can display up to 4 different sensors of your choice simultaneously. Unlike other automotive displays on the market where the user has no choice but to view the data presented in one form, PLX has designed the MULTI-GAUGE so that you can set and change your viewing preferences at any time. All styles have their unique advantages and you should not be limited to one option. The PLX MULTI-GAUGE has taken the automotive display to a whole new level. Now not only can you daisy chain our Sensor Modules but you also have access to data on your ECU. This allows you to view parameters from your vehicle's computer and also act as a scan tool to check and clear engine codes when necessary. Features: -Installs in seconds -Plug and play OBDII interface -Compatible with 1996 and later vehicles -26 OBDII Parameters -OLED Color Display -Read and Reset Check Engine Lights and codes -Customizable gauge styles -Analog, Digital, Graph, 4 Parameter view -Peak and Hold -Intelligent Warning -Daisy chain up to 16 PLX Sensor Modules -4 Button Interface -US and Metric Units -USB interface to PC
Manufacturer PLX Devices, Inc.

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