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Palm Beach Dyno
Palm Beach Dyno Custom Tuned Power Package with JLT Cold Air Intake and Tuning Device (2011-2014 Mustang GT / 2012-2013 Boss 302)

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Package Includes:
(1) Palm Beach Dyno Custom Tuned Device (SCT X4, SCT BDX or HP Tuners nGauge)
(1) JLT 2011-2014 Mustang GT / 2012-2013 Boss 302 Cold Air Intake Kit

For an outline of the tune order process, CLICK HERE!

For the nGauge + PBD tune process, CLICK HERE!

ALL NEW JLT SERIES 2 for 2011-2014 Mustang GT 5.0 and 2012-2013 Boss 302 NOW SHIPPING

This new kit was designed from the ground up to work with today's aftermarket manifolds and throttle bodies.

Released back in 2010, our original kit has worked great on the 5.0 for over 7 years. With the release of the BOSS and now the Holly Sniper along with 85 and 90mm throttle bodies we decided to do a redesign to accommodate these different sizes and angles.

The all new JLT Series 2!
BIGGER, BADDER and still the BEST!

Designed to fit and work with the stock manifold as well as the BOSS and Holley Sniper

It starts with a 4" opening at the throttle body to match up to those 90mm units. The kit comes COMPLETE with 2 couplers. One 4" straight for the 90mm and a 4-3.5" reducer for the stock unit.

Next is the perfect 112mm MAF housing. Up from 107mm on the original, but not so big to cause drivability issues. Oh and the MAX allowed in NMRA Coyote Stock racing.

At the MAF you attach our one off designed S&B filter. A massive 5" at the inlet with a full radiused bellmouth to huge 1" deep pleats, this thing flows tons of air.

Finally all this sits in our own designed Roto Molded heat shield that utilities the factory fresh air inlet to get you the most cool air possible.

Finish it off with a silicone coupler and stainless clamps and you got the BEST Intake on the market!!! NO METAL TUBING HERE!!

It’s a full 112mm ID at the MAF area
MAF is rotated to the inside or engine side of the tube for a more pleasing smooth look

Includes roto molded plastic heat shield to block engine heat at idle and low speed.
It incorporates the fresh air inlet from the grill.
It uses a large area to make sure the filter has tons of cool air.

Standard finish is an OEM looking black textured plastic.

Available in your cars exact body color. All painted tubes receive a special treatment so paint adheres correctly to the plastic and go through an in-depth process to remove all the texture. We then use only the best quality materials to give each tube a smooth gloss finish.

Ruby Red
We do NOT paint this using the standard 3 stage paint as it is very expensive and actually more likely to not match. We do have a custom mix for Ruby Red that matches great every time.

Red Candy
We do NOT paint this using the standard 3 stage paint as it is very expensive and actually more likely to not match. We do use Redfire for Red Candy that matches great every time.

Got to Have it Green
We do NOT paint this using the standard 3 stage paint as it is very expensive and actually more likely to not match. We do have a custom mix for GOTTA HAVE IT GREEN that matches great every time.

Anything from Carbon Fiber to Skulls to Snakeskin, American Flags and more. Choose any base color to show through the graphic print and you have your own custom intake.
Through an awesome process called HydroGraphics, the intake tube is made to look like whatever you want. The tube is painted and then dipped in a water solution with a film that adheres to the part when removed. Tube is then clear coated for a durable finish. HYDROCARBON is a standard print we use that looks like carbon fiber.

•JLT Intake Tube with optional finishes (Black Textured, Painted Body Color, HydroCarbon or Custom Hydrographics)
•4" Silicone Coupler for aftermarket throttle bodies
•4-3.5" Silicone reducer for stock throttle bodies
•5x7" S&B Powerstack Air Filter
•Roto molded Heat Shield
•HD Clamps, 2013-14 hood insert plug & all needed hardware

The design and detailed instructions help make this kit an easy install.

30-35 RWHP from stock
2-4 RWHP over our original JLT CAI on a stock GT
8-10 RWHP over our original JLT CAI on a BOSS!
10-14 RWHP over our original JLT CAI on a modded GT
We have tested this on three different cars with different stages of mods and all gained over the original kit.

A JLT specific tune is required with this kit.

We use only the best air filters made by S&B to our specifications.
For years we only used oiled filters, but dry filter technology has been proven and is now a popular option.
Should I choose a Dry Disposable or Cotton Oiled Filter?
Since you are not sacrificing performance with either choice, the decision comes down to would you rather throw away the filter or clean it.
Dry: Comparable airflow to oiled cotton filters with the same great protection.
Last for up to 30,000 miles of highway driving. Extend the life of the filter using compressed air.
Oil: Oiled filters can last forever as long as you properly clean and re-oil it.
See picture of filters below. Oil filters are available in red or blue and Dry filters are white.


To properly clean your oil filter, we recommend the S&B Precision II Cleaning & Oiling Kit.
*TIP* by purchasing a 2nd air filter you can simply swap filters when it's time to clean it and not be rushed. Clean the first filter and it's ready when it's time to change again.
JLT Pre-Filters are now available for most intake kits we carry, these filters are made for us by Outerwears, these prefilters are water repellent. They will increase your filter life and cut down on your cleaning intervals!

Palm Beach Dyno
While Palm Beach Dyno is newer to the scene as a shop, the head tuner & owner Ken Bjonnes has been in the tuning business for well over a decade. Working for/running established companies like Modular Depot, DiabloSport & more, he has made a name for himself in the Mustang performance industry. Located in South Florida, Ken’s extensive experience with multiple applications has given him a large & varied catalog of tunes to build from. Palm Beach Dyno strives to be on the leading edge of tuning & performance and goes above & beyond to support their customers, including those of Lethal Performance. Add Mr. Rob "Tunemaker" Shoemaker's expertise into the mix and now you're in business..

Vehicles supported by Palm Beach Dyno custom tunes:
  • 2007-2014 Shelby GT500
  • 2011-2018 Mustang GT 5.0L
  • 2012-2013 Boss 302
  • 2015-2018 Shelby GT350/GT350R
  • 2011-2014 Mustang V6
  • 2015-2018 Mustang Ecoboost
  • 2010-2014 SVT Raptor
  • 2011-2017 F150 3.5L Ecoboost/2.7L Ecoboost/5.0L/6.2L
  • 2013-2017 Explorer Explorer Sport 3.5L Ecoboost
  • 2016-2017 Focus RS

  • Naturally Aspirated Tuning
    Palm Beach Dyno Custom NA Tunes are created by their team of tuners specifically for your car based on the modifications and fuel you are using. Palm Beach Dyno is not only known for our remote tuning, but they also operate a full time Dyno Tuning facility that allows us to not only develop these tunes but to continually refine them over time with each car they touch. It's a recipe that cannot be matched by anyone else.

    PBD tuning is offered in different levels based on your vehicle modifications. All tuning comes with free datalogging reviews and updates for 6 months by submitting your logs to PBD's support system. Free datalogging reviews and updates will only apply to minor car updates over that time. If any modifications are added that push you to the next level of tuning support, that can be purchased separately.

    Beyond the Level prices, additional charges that apply:
    $25 - Automatic cars
    $100 - Additional Octane file (ex. E85)

    Forced Induction
    Palm Beach Dyno's Forced Induction Remote Tuning can be done in a variety of ways, but the important detail is that Palm Beach Dyno is tuning your vehicle through the internet at your location. A base file is provided according to the modifications on your vehicle. You then log the car per their instructions and email it to their support site. Palm Beach Dyno will review the datalog, create a revision if necessary and provide further instructions. This process is repeated until the car is fully tuned both at WOT and part throttle. The logging can be done on a dyno of your choice, while driving the car on the street or a combination of both. PBD's Remote Tuning Services are offered with 3 different levels of support so you can choose the service that best suits you. The initial remote tuning process is the same for all package levels, the difference between the packages is in the support included. Palm Beach Dyno currently support all 2011+ V8 applications remotely. 2010 and earlier vehicles can be tuned remotely on a case by case basis.

    Silver Level Remote Tuning - This option is a good choice for the majority of our customers. It is perfect for the customer who wants a top performing tune for their current modifications but does not intend on doing updates with many trips to the track. Updates are not included when doing new modifications to your vehicle but can be purchased as needed.

    Gold Level Remote Tuning- This is a good choice if you plan to make some changes to your vehicle, as many updates are included. Gold Level also adds telephone technical support during normal business hours and two free Remote Trackside Support Sessions. This package is perfect for the person who enjoys fine tuning their car with different parts over time and fine tuning it at the track. With the Remote Trackside Support Sessions included, it allows you to squeeze that extra ET out of the car in a short amount of time.

    Platinum Level Remote Tuning- This is the perfect choice for the most competitive people out there who are constantly changing things up in search of even the slightest improvement in ET or an extra few MPH at a speed event. Platinum Level Support includes extended phone support 7 days a week from 9am to 9pm Eastern Time. It also includes 7 Remote Trackside Support Sessions. Not only can the Remote Trackside Support Sessions be used to dial in the car initially, they can also be used for a specific event like a drag race or half mile event. Even the most dialed in car needs to be fine tuned for any particular surface. If this is the level of support you are after, then Platinum Level is for you.

    How Does Remote Tuning with Street Logs Work?
    Remote tuning with street logs is the most popular choice for our customers. With the advanced logging available on newer Ford vehicles, all the data necessary to tune your vehicle can be gathered by datalogging the vehicle's computer. Tuning by logging on the street avoids extensive dyno fees, as sometimes a remote session on a dyno can go longer than expected due to various delays. Tuning via street logs also allows you to give us feedback on actual drivability on the street while you are logging. Street logging is not for everyone, as it does require wide open throttle pulls. Depending on traffic and road conditions in your area, a dyno session may be a better choice.

    Typical Remote Tune with Street Logs Process:
    Place your order via our website.
    A Base Tune is emailed to you with instructions on how to load and datalog.
    Load the tune, get the datalogging set up and do the first set of requested logs (Idle and Rev).
    Reply to the email in which we sent the tune. Provide any useful feedback (ran smooth, breaking up, etc) and attach the logs.
    PBD will review the logs, make a revision if necessary and reply with further instructions. Typically a Drive Log would be next.
    Perform Drive Log. Be sure to drive the car as normally as possible while noting anything that feels out of the ordinary. Reply to the original email with the log and any useful comments.
    PBD will review the log, make a revision if necessary and reply with further instructions. Typically a WOT Log would be next.
    Perform the WOT log according to the instructions. It is important to note at this stage to only do one WOT pull and send us the log. Multiple WOT pulls are not advised until PBD reviews the log.
    PBD will review the log and reply with an update if needed and further instructions. This process is repeated until the fine tuning is complete.

    How Does Remote Tuning a Dyno Work?
    Remote tuning with a Dyno is another great way to get your car tuned. We have a network of dealers across the country that you can buy our tuning from, or you can purchase it directly through us and arrange your own dyno time. Performing the tuning session on a dyno gives you the benefit of completing the tune in a fairly short amount of time. When not using one of our dealers, it is important to note that not all dyno shops are open to remote tuning being done on their dynos. So it is important to find a shop open to the idea. When you wind up at a shop that is not happy about the remote tuning process, they can sometimes unnecessarily drag out the session longer in hopes of running up the dyno charges.

    Typical Remote Tune with a Dyno Process:
    Place your order via our website
    Before the car hits the dyno, it is best to do an Idle and Rev log to be sure the car is assembled correctly and ready for the dyno. It is preferred that this is done before you make your dyno appointment, but that is not always possible.
    Contact the dyno shop and find 2 to 3 dates they are available that work for you. Give PBD a call or send them an email to make sure we are available. PBD will pick one of the dates you have selected, and we will book the appointment.
    Once you arrive at the dyno, email PBD so they can be prepared when you are ready to start. Get the car strapped down and do the first set of logs per our instructions.
    Email the log(s) to your support ticket. PBD will review the logs and reply back with an update if needed and further instructions.
    Install the update and do the next dyno pull. Email us the log.
    This process repeats until the car is fully tuned at WOT.
    The car needs to be driven on the street for some street driving logs. This can be done by the dyno operator or the customer depending on preference.
    After the street logs are reviewed and any outstanding issues are corrected, the tune is complete.

    How Does Remote Trackside Support Work?
    Remote Trackside Support is intended to accelerate the process of achieving your goals. Remote Trackside Support not only applies to Drag Racing, but it can also be very helpful at a Road Racing event or a standing speed contest like the Texas Mile or Wannagofast Half Mile Events. Once the date is pre-arranged with Palm Beach Dyno, they will be ready and on-call waiting for your first datalog. As soon as your datalog is received, PBD will review it. Not only will we provide tune revisions, but they can also provide advice outside of the tune such as how to help the car leave better, power management, etc. Think of PBD as your Remote Crew Chief.

    Typical Remote Trackside Support Process:
    Finish your Remote Tuning Session.
    Schedule your Remote Trackside Session by calling or emailing PBD.
    Once you have confirmation PBD is available for your chosen time you will schedule it with PBD.
    When you arrive at the track, reply to your support ticket to alert PBD that they will be getting your first log soon.
    Make your first pass, and be sure to log it! Send the log to your support ticket the same way you did during the Remote Session.
    PBD will review your log and immediately reply with an update and/or advice. The typical turnaround time from sending the log is about 15 minutes.
    Install the new update and make another pass.
    This process repeats until the Remote Trackside Support Session is complete.
    Vehicle Application(s)

    This product fits the following models and years

    Mustang GT 5.0L2011 2012 2013 2014

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