PA Performance 4 Gauge Premium Short Power Wire Kit (30")

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PA Performance 4 Gauge Premium Short Power Wire Kit (30")

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PA Performance 4 Gauge Premium Short Power Wire Kit (30")


This is a complete kit to upgrade the main power feed wire from the alternator to the vehicle on most Fords.  Basically, the OEM wire from the alternator to the vehicle was not designed to carry the added load of higher amp alternators.  If you use the stock wires again or not is your choice, but using this large (#4 Gauge) wire kit will add the safe carrying capacity needed for lengths up to 10 feet.  When using our high output alternators you must upgrade this cable to retain warranty coverage. 

For vehicles where the alternator and starter relay/battery are on the same side of the vehicle, the SHORT kit is required. Examples would be 85 and older Mustang 5.0, early 90's and older F-Series

SHORT Kits include: large #4 ultra-flexible Stereo Grade wire with sealed 360° crimped terminals, 200 amp in-line fuse and holder with mounting screws.  Red cable shown, all cables after 06/06/2007 are clear jacket.

We offer two wire types:

·          Premium - which is made of the highest quality wire, with increased number of strands, electrolytic copper and bundle wrapping to reduce noise in high end sound systems while being incredibly flexible and show quality
·          Standard – which is made of high-grade wire.  This wire offers outstanding performance, cosmetics and flexibility at a reasonable price.  It looks like the Premium wire but is not electrolytic copper.  Most people building horsepower only cars use this option. 

These kits can also be used on upgrades utilizing alternators from any other manufacturer with a 3/16-threaded battery (+) stud from the alternator. The ring terminal on the alternator side is 1/4 I.D.

#4 gauge wire kits are recommended on all upgrades but required when upgrading any 1993 or older vehicle with a 130-amp or 200-amp alternator

All kits are provided with 200-amp Littlefuse Brand Fuse and Holder.  Based on Littlefuse performance specifications and tolerances this is the appropriate rating.  Please do not increase or decrease the fuse amperage value

THESE KITS ARE NOT INTENDED TO REPLACE THE OEM WIRE – but are large enough to work without the stock wire in race / kit applications where there is no other wiring to upgrade.  There are many opinions on the internet about cable use.  By using both the stock and the larger cable, everything that worked before the upgrade will still work.  The bottom line, at least you must use the #4 wire kit when upgrading alternators

Manufacturer PA Performance

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