PA Performance 07-08 GT500 6G 200 AMPAlternator


Manufacturer: PA Performance

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PA Performance 07-08 GT500 6G 200 AMPAlternator

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PA Performance 07-08 GT500 6G 200 AMP Alternator

NOTE: Will not work on a 2009 model year

200 AMP 6G Family Alternator

 This is a very popular replacement where highly increased capacity is needed.  This unit will increase the charging capacity at all RPM Ranges with NO modifications. 


·          This unit is a direct replacement with NO modifications

·          100+ amps at idle (2000 alternator shaft rpm)

·          200+ amps maximum (6000 alternator shaft rpm)

·          The stock belt can be used on original equipment vehicles 

·          Actual Alternator Weight is 16.2 lbs

·          All units are 100% NEW and come complete with internal voltage regulator and pulley

** We require that you upgrade the main power wire due to higher output than stock on vehicles where this is an upgrade**


To calculate the alternator shaft speed, which should be no more than 16,000 RPM do the following:


Alternator pulley size (ie 2.5")


Crankshaft Pulley Size (ie 5")


Ratio is 2:1 (5 / 2.5 = 2)


Max engine Speed = 5800 RPM


Multiply Max RPM x Ratio (5800 x 2) = 11,600 shaft RPM Max


Idle RPM = 1000


Multiply Idle RPM x Ratio (1000 x 2) = 2000 shaft RPM @ Idle




An alternator needs 1800-2000 at idle to make power and will make maximum output at 6000 rpm, and will start to fail at 16,000 RPM.




Manufacturer PA Performance

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  • SVT Shelby GT500 2007,2008,2009