Maximum Motorsports Coil-Over Spring Clearance Tool


Manufacturer: Maximum Motorsports

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Maximum Motorsports Coil-Over Spring Clearance Tool

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Tool used to easily modify an interference point on the Mustang unibody to improve clearance for a front coil-over spring. 

What is this tool used for? 

There is a protruding flange surrounding a hole on the unibody of all 1979-04 Mustangs. The flange is under the driver side front strut tower, and can contact a coil-over spring, causing noise. Modifying the flange for clearance is extremely difficult without this tool (that is why we invented it). 

Do I need to use this tool on my Mustang? 

Yes, if you have: 

  • A 1994-04 Mustang with a front coil-over conversion 
  • A 1979-93 Mustang with SN95 front control arms, and a front coil-over conversion 


  • This tool is now included in all MM front coil-over conversion kits.

Manufacturer Maximum Motorsports

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  • Mustang 5.0L 1986,1987,1988,1989,1990,1991,1992,1993