Maximum Motorsports 94-04 Mustang Adjustable Tie-Rod Ends/Bump Steer Kit (tapered stud)


Manufacturer: Maximum Motorsports

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Maximum Motorsports 94-04 Mustang Adjustable Tie-Rod Ends/Bump Steer Kit (tapered stud)

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Adjustable outer tie-rod ends for correcting bumpsteer, Bolt-through spindle style, 1994-04 Mustang

1994-04 Mustang with 1994-04 front control arms
All stock power steering racks, 1994-04
All Mustang spindles, 1979-04
Non-MM aftermarket k-members that retain stock suspension geometry

Bumpsteer is a term for the situation where the front toe changes as the suspension moves up and down. If the toe changes more than a very small amount it will cause the car to change direction, making the car unstable and unpredictable. MM offers two types of Adjustable Tie-Rod Ends. The tapered stud type can be used to make moderate changes to the geometry. It is best suited for use with a stock K-member, and does not require any modification to the spindle. The bolt-through spindle type has a much wider range of adjustment. It is required for most situations when installing a MM K-Member and requires drilling out the tapered hole in the spindle to accept a 5/8" bolt.

The installation of any adjustable tie-rod end requires that your car be measured for bumpsteer. This can be done by following our copyrighted step-by-step instructions.

Manufacturer Maximum Motorsports

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