MM 94-04 Front Control Arms Forward-offset (Urethane)


Manufacturer: Maximum Motorsports

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MM 94-04 Front Control Arms Forward-offset (Urethane)

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Maximum Motorsports 94-04 Front Control Arms-Forward-offset(Urethane)

Maximum Motorsports front control arms set a new, higher standard of performance. Our engineering team designed these from a clean sheet of paper, which is why they are not only unique looking, but stronger than any others.

  • MM control arms are a true ˜A -arm rather than a ˜V-arm. This provides maximum rigidity and equalizes forces delivered into the K-member.
  • MM control arms are gusseted in critical areas to ensure that the entire control arm will bend in an accident before a weld ever breaks.
  • MM control arms allow a tighter turning radius by allowing the tires to steer at a greater angle than the stock control arms.
  • Available with either urethane or Delrin bushings. Urethane bushings are much smaller and stiffer than stock control arm bushings to provide increased responsiveness with minimum noise. Delrin bushings have zero deflection for competition, and have a marginal increase in ride harshness and noise compared to urethane bushings.
  • There are two geometries available; zero-offset (stock geometry) or forward-offset. The zero-offset geometry has the same relationship between the ball joint and the control arm pivots as the stock control arms. The forward-offset geometry version moves the ball joint forward 3/4. When combined with the MM K-Member, this will move the wheels forward 1-1/2" (some fender-opening modifications may be required).


  • Stock Ford control arms weigh 14-3/4 lbs. each. The MM control arms weigh 8 lbs. each.
  • The MM control arms can be installed on a stock K-Member, or on most other aftermarket K-Members which accept stock control arms (some modifications are required to a stock K member).
  • The MM control arms can only be used with a coil-over conversion kit; they do not allow the installation of springs in the stock location.
  • The 1994 and newer control arms can be used on the 1979-93 cars for an increase in track width. Significant fender modifications are required.
Manufacturer Maximum Motorsports

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