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Maximum Motorsports 79-04 Mustang Front Coil Over Kit for Bilstein Struts


Manufacturer: Maximum Motorsports

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Maximum Motorsports 79-04 Mustang Front Coil Over Kit for Bilstein Struts

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Coil-over conversion fits Bilstein and Maximum Motorsports front struts. Allows easy adjustment of ride height. Improves handling and ride quality by deleting the stock-location front springs in favor of springs mounted on the struts. 

Coil-over Benefits    
Ability to choose from a wide range of spring rates; from very soft to very stiff.    
Improves handling (reduces body roll and quickens steering response) without degrading ride quality because the coil-over spring location improves the motion ratio, allowing a much higher wheel rate than is possible with a stock-location spring.    
Improves ride quality by eliminating the largest source of friction in the front suspension, allowing easier suspension movement for reduced harshness.    
Provides easy ride height adjustment.    
Reduces unsprung weight, which improves handling and ride quality.   
Allows easy spring swapping.    
Ride height may be retained after swapping to springs with a different rate.    
A wide range of spring rates are available. Contact us for help choosing rates for your specific Mustang and your driving situation. 

Only fits Maximum Motorsports and Bilstein struts.
This is not an ill-fitting universal kit.    
Front bump and droop travel can be optimized for your Mustang by adjusting the placement of the strut shaft locating spacers between the upper spring perch and the camber plate.    
Needle thrust bearing above the upper spring perch lowers friction, reducing steering effort.    
O-rings seal the needle bearings to prevent contamination.    
Threads are hard-anodized for longevity and easier adjustment of the spring perch.    
No modification to the strut needed for installation.    
Includes an assortment of spacers to ensure proper clearance under the strut tower.    
Lower spring perch has Nylon-tipped stainless steel setscrews to prevent unwanted rotation.    
Includes exclusive MM tool (MMT-9) to aid with chassis clearancing.    
Includes dust boots. 

Required for installation     
Quality camber plates with spherical bearings, not urethane bushings or a stock upper strut mount    
Bilstein or Maximum Motorsports struts    
Coil-over springs 

Coil-over conversion is compatible with stock front control arms and stock k-member. Aftermarket control arms and k-member are not required.    
COP-1 package includes springs.   
For help choosing spring rates, contact us.    
For help choosing performance struts for your driving situation, contact us.    
Read the MMCO-1 installation instructions before ordering.

Manufacturer Maximum Motorsports

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