Mickey Thompson 3572 305/45R17 ET Street R

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Manufacturer: Mickey Thompson

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Mickey Thompson 3572 305/45R17 ET Street R

*image is only a representation and may not be accurate
A drag tire that can be driven on the street. ET Street R from Mickey Thompson is a D.O.T street legal drag tire with proven race compounds and incredible traction.
D.O.T. approved for street use
Minimal Tread Void provides excellent tread-contact
Available in most popular sizes
Tubeless construction provides lead-free seal without the expense and hassle of tubes

ST - Suggested for manual transmissions (medium compound)
W - Extra tread width (please note actual tread and section width on spec sheet)
S - Stiff sidewall construction aids in quicker reaction time due to less tire distortion. Also good in high horsepower applications and for heavy cars (Over 3,000 lbs)
C - Sport Compact
R - Radial Construction

* Stiff Sidewall
† High Growth Tire

Medium <--------------------------------------------------------------------> Soft
M7 X5 M5 M8 R1 X8 L8 X7 L4

B2 - For Motorcycles
L4 - FWD Vehicles
L7 - For Motorcycles
L8 - Good Compound for General Use
L2 - For Jr. Dragsters
M5 - Good Compound for General Use
M7 - Good Compound for High Horsepower Applications With Clutch
M8 - Aggressive Compound for Index Racing, Works Well in All Ambient and Track Conditions
X5 - Cooler running version of M5
X7 - Cooler running version of L7
X8 - Cooler running version of L8
R1 - Special Compound for ET Drag Radial
R2 - Special Compound for ET Street S/S, ET Street R & ET Street Radial Pro
Manufacturer Mickey Thompson

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