Meziere Mustang High Flow Electric Waterpump


Manufacturer: Meziere

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Meziere Mustang High Flow Electric Waterpump

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**Use with WIK346 Water Pump Relay Kit**

The Meziere extreme duty electric water pump replaces the factory high drag, horsepower robbing, factory water pump. The Meziere extreme duty electric water pump provides a solid 11.2 rear wheel HP improvement when compared to the factory pump! This pump was designed with the daily street driven vehicle in mind, and it can also be used on fully equipped racecar. Installation of this pump is identical to the factory pump installation, and can be easily completed in less than 1 hour.

This is a direct replacement for the factory belt driven water pump. It comes equipped with a freewheeling billet idler pulley, allowing retention of the stock belt. It also provides an unbelievably constant water temperature under any condition.

  • Direct Replacment

  • Flows 55 Gallons per Minute

  • Designed for Daily Street Use

  • Unique Impeller Design

  • Free-Wheeling Billet Idler

  • Stock Belt Routing

  • Easy 2 Hour Installation

  • Detailed Instructions Included
Manufacturer Meziere

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