Metco Motorsports 90mm Double Ball Bearing Idler


Manufacturer: Metco

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Metco Motorsports 90mm Double Ball Bearing Idler

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Metco Motorsports 90mm Double Ball Bearing Idler

The Metco Double Ball Bearing Idler was designed for those in need of a heavy duty high performance idler. Made from high grade billet aluminum and hard coat anodized for a long lasting protective finish. Whether you're running the potent 2.3L or monster 3.4L Whipple any type of high boost setup requires a tight belt to prevent belt slip. The issue is the tighter the belt the more stress you put on the idler. The single bearing idlers work however they weren't intended to handle high loads of stress for long periods of time. The new double ball bearing design spreads out the stress from a tight belt over it's 2 bearings giving it the ability to perform better and last longer.

All Metco Double Ball Bearing Idlers come with a protective dust cover which keeps belt dust and dirt away from the bearings.
Manufacturer Metco

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