Maximum Motorsports Standard Subframe Connectors (Bare Steel)


Manufacturer: Maximum Motorsports

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Maximum Motorsports Standard Subframe Connectors (Bare Steel)

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Maximum Motorsports Standard Subframe Connectors (Bare Steel)

  • MM subframe connectors securely weld to the front and rear subframes of your Mustang. (Bolt-on connectors do not work because the bolts cannot be properly tightened due to the lack of structure in the cars subframes.)
  • MM's standard subframe connectors are made of 1" x 2" rectangular tubing, with .120" wall thickness - over 40% stiffer than other well-known brands. Rectangular tubing provides more weld area, as well as increased ground clearance, compared to round tubing.
  • MM seals the tubing by welding on end caps to prevent them from rusting from the inside out.
  • The MM connectors have a cross brace used to reinforce the crack-prone area of the floor pan where the seats attach.
  • MM's connectors are custom shaped to hug the floor pan of your Mustang for maximum ground clearance.
  • Manufacturer Maximum Motorsports

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