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Maximum Motorsports IRS Aluminum Rear Differential Bushings (Pinion Angle Adjustable)


Manufacturer: Maximum Motorsports

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Maximum Motorsports IRS Aluminum Rear Differential Bushings (Pinion Angle Adjustable)

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Prevent damage caused by wheel hop by installing Maximum Motorsports differential bushings.

Aluminum mounts prevent rear cover breakage caused by wheel hop.
Adjustable to set pinion angle, possible change of over 4 degrees.
Includes aluminum mounts for all 3 bushing sets: The 2 front sets and the critical rear bushing.
Adjusting pinion angle may reduce driveline vibrations.
Recommended for the hard launches of drag racing.
Recommended for high-powered Cobras.
Compatible with the Fore brand differential cover.
Expect an increase in noise heard from the rear gears. Use MM urethane bushings if increased noise is a concern.
Wheel Hop Breaks Parts

Wheel hop can break the rear differential cover.
Wheel hop causes violent movement of the differential.
Violent flopping around of the differential can break the differential cover, where it attaches to the rear mount.
Violent movement is allowed by the overly compliant stock rubber differential mounting bushings.
Stiffer bushings, whether aluminum or urethane, prevent the violent flopping around that breaks differential covers.
The front differential bushings are specially machined spherical washer sets. This unique MM design allows compensation for the changed angle of the differential housing. Aluminum bushings without this feature increase stress on the attachment bolts, the differential mounting ears, and the IRS subframe.

Unlike many others who offer only the front differential bushings, Maximum Motorsports took the time and effort to analyze the IRS system. The MM Engineering Team realized that all of the differential bushings must be replaced as a complete set.
The complete set includes the two front bushings and the essential single rear bushing.
If only the front bushings are replaced, and the original rubber rear bushing is left in place, a mismatch in the stiffness of the bushing materials will be created. The more rigid front bushings will deflect less, while the remaining rubber rear bushing will still deflect as much as ever.
Damage from wheel hop will still be possible because the rubber rear bushing will deflect and allow the differential to flop around.
The mismatch in bushing stiffness will increase the stress on the aluminum front mounting ears of the differential housing. The increased stress can lead to fatigue and stress cracking of the aluminum differential housing.
Manufacturer Maximum Motorsports

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