Maximum Motorsports 99-04 Mustang Panhard Bar System (Natural Panhard Rod)


Manufacturer: Maximum Motorsports

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Maximum Motorsports 99-04 Mustang Panhard Bar System (Natural Panhard Rod)

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Panhard Bar kit for Mustangs greatly improves handling by adding a critical suspension component to better locate the rear axle. Also called the part that Ford forgot.

What is a Panhard Bar?
  • It is a suspension link that provides lateral (sideways) location of the rear axle.
  • Don't bother looking for it under your Mustang; Ford left them off the 1979-04 models.
  • Improves stability during cornering.
  • Improves straight-line stability.
  • Improves handling predictability.
  • Fewer steering wheel corrections are needed to stay on line.
  • Helps keep car straight during a drag race launch.
  • Stops the Mustang's rear-steer tendency.
  • Lowers the rear roll center.
  • Simpler and therefore less expensive than a Watts linkage.
  • Bolts-in, no welding required.
  • Clears stock tailpipes, and aftermarket tailpipes that follow the stock routing. Dynomax and Flowmaster tailpipes follow the stock routing.
  • Vertical adjustment of the rod's mounting accommodates different ride heights.
  • Very long rod minimizes sideways movement caused by the arc of the rod's motion.
  • PTFE-lined spherical rod ends precisely control movement with virtually no noise transmission.
  • Stout 6061-T6 aluminum rod is made from a custom extrusion, designed by MM for this application.
  • Rod ends are mounted in double shear for greatest strength and safety.
  • Chassis inserts allow proper tightening of mounting bolts without distorting the frame rail.
  • Low mounting of the rod significantly lowers the rear roll center, reducing the tendency of the inside rear tire to lift and unload during cornering.
  • Roll center is lower than what can be achieved with a Watts link.
  • While compatible with the standard T/A differential cover when properly installed, we recommend the new low-profile cover (listed for the S197 application) to ensure no interference.
  • Required before installation of the MM Torque-arm.
  • Manufacturer Maximum Motorsports

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    • Mustang GT 1999,2000,2001,2002,2003,2004
    • Mach-1 2003,2004