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Maximum Motorsports 99-04 Cobra MM2 Race series shock for IRS

SKU: MM-BE5-2959-MM2

Manufacturer: Maximum Motorsports

148.15 $

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Maximum Motorsports 99-04 Cobra MM2 Race series shock for IRS

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Maximum Motorsports 99-04 Cobra MM2 Race series shock for IRS


1999-2004 Cobra, MM2 Race series rear shock for IRS, includes dust boot.

  • Intended for track-driven Mustangs with rear coil-over spring rates of 600 lb/in to 650 lb/in.
  • Exclusive MM valving designed for superb track performance, not for street ride quality.
  • Includes an integral bumpstop
  • Shocks do not include lower eyelet bushings because they are part of the coil-over conversion kit these shocks are intended to accompany.
  • Not intended for use with conventional springs: Could produce a severe overdamped effect.
  • Superb track performance, especially in wheel-to-wheel racing
  • MM2 Race series shocks are made with patented mono-tube technology
  • High nitrogen gas pressure prevents oil foaming and resultant fading
  • Monotube design has better heat dissipation than twin-tube dampers, keeps the oil cooler, and decreases heat-induced damper fade
  • Each MM2 Race series shock is tested on a shock dyno
  • All MM shocks include dustcovers

Offered exclusively by Maximum Motorsports for open-tracking and wheel-to-wheel road racing. The MM2 Race series shocks are intended for track-driven IRS-equipped Mustangs with spring rates higher than the rates compatible with MM's Sport series dampers. Constructed with the highest-grade materials and extreme attention to detail, Maximum Motorsports manufactures the finest dampers possible.


MM2 Race series shocks are the perfect choice for a car that sees aggressive open-tracking, time trials, or wheel-to-wheel racing. Designed to control the coil-over spring rates required for on-track performance, the MM2 Race series shocks are intended for a track-driven cars equipped with coil-overs. The MM2 Race series rear shocks are ready to accept the MM rear coil-over conversion kit; they are manufactured with the groove in the shock body that is required by a coil-over conversion kit.


All MM non-adjustable shocks utilize patented mono-tube technology. Compared to twin-tube dampers, these provide better heat dissipation to keep the damper's oil cool, which decreases heat-induced damper fade. The highest nitrogen gas pressure available prevents oil foaming and fading. Every MM damper is tested on a shock dyno before leaving the factory to ensure quality.


All MM2 Race series IRS rear shocks come with an integral, progressive bump stop. All MM shocks include dustcovers.

Manufacturer Maximum Motorsports

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  • SVT Cobra 1999,2000,2001,2003,2004