Maximum Motorsports 99-04 Cobra IRS Rear Spring Isolators


Manufacturer: Maximum Motorsports

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Maximum Motorsports 99-04 Cobra IRS Rear Spring Isolators

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Maximum Motorsports 99-01 Cobra Urethane IRS Rear Spring Isolators

**NEW! Redesigned spring isolators to better match the control arm spring perch for a better fit.**

What are spring isolators, and why do I even need them?
The spring isolators, along with most of the other rubber parts in automobile suspensions, are primarily a noise and vibration isolation feature. The spring isolators, additionally, will affect the ride height of the car. The compressed height of the spring isolators (upper and lower, or lack of isolators if they are gone!) changes the ride height of the car. The factory rubber isolators do not last very long, and compress significantly with very little time. Even new cars that are swapping springs when nearly new have shown significant permanent compresson of the isolators. These polyurethane isolators will restore a little amount of ride height due to heavily collapsed isolators in an older car, and help provide noise isolation that may be lost from missing or destroyed isolators. Ride height values quoted for the H&R springs we sell are based on using new urethane spring isolators. We recommend replacing these whenever you remove springs during any service, if they haven't already been replaced. It's a hard lesson learned when you find they are worn out, when you have your car already torn apart and need to drive it tomorrow!
Manufacturer Maximum Motorsports

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  • SVT Cobra 1999,2000,2001,2003,2004