Maximum Motorsports 96-04 Mustang K-Member (5.0L Engine)


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Maximum Motorsports 96-04 Mustang K-Member (5.0L Engine)

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Maximum Motorsports 96-04 Mustang K-Member (5.0L Engine)

Qualities that make the MM Mustang K-Member unique:

  • Lengthens the Mustang's wheelbase by 3/4". This improves the front to rear weight distribution. It also increases the positive caster, which improves cornering ability.
  • The vertical location of the control arm pivots was optimized to improve the camber curve on lowered vehicles, and improve the roll center height.
  • Two possible vertical locations for the control arm pivots (1" higher, or 2" higher than stock) are built into the MM K-member. This allows installing the front control arms in the pivot location that is optimal for the car's chosen ride height.
  • The steering rack location is optimized for the greatest improvement in Ackerman steering geometry possible. This improves turn-in response, reduces understeer, and improves tire wear.
  • After extensive testing of different anti-dive geometries, Maximum Motorsports determined that Ford got it right! The stock amount of anti-dive provides the best performance, and that is what we build into our MM K-member. Increasing anti-dive geometry over the stock amount will cause the suspension to bind during hard braking, which in turn causes the front brakes to lock-up easily.
  • The MM K-Member comes standard with a two point MM K-member Brace. Stock K-members need them, and so do aftermarket K-members. This is the only tubular Mustang K-member that has a 2-point brace as an integral part of the design.
  • Our 5.0L Mustang MM K-member allows the option of setting the engine back one inch, or installing it in the stock location.
  • We offer versions of our MM K-member that allow 5.0-based engines to be installed in 1996-2004 Mustangs, and modular engines to be installed in 1979-1995 Mustangs.
  • Increased clearance for the oil pan makes its removal much easier.
  • Mustang Header clearance is increased in critical areas.
  • Our tubular design provides easier access to the Mustang's starter motor.
  • Precision holes are pre-drilled for plumb bobs, to make it easy to accurately square the MM K-member to the Mustang chassis during installation.
  • Factory Ford K-Members weigh an average of 50 lb. The MM K-member weighs only 36lb, for a 28% weight savings.
Manufacturer Maximum Motorsports

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