Maximum Motorsports 82-04 Mustang Universal OEM Clutch Cable


Manufacturer: Maximum Motorsports

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Maximum Motorsports 82-04 Mustang Universal OEM Clutch Cable

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Clutch cable for Mustang fitted with a firewall adjuster and aluminum quadrant 

  • Made in America for MM by the original Ford OEM vendor. 
  • Requires an aftermarket aluminum clutch quadrant that is compatible with a stock clutch cable. 
  • Will not fit with a quadrant that requires an aftermarket adjustable cable. 
  • This is not the same clutch cable sold by FRPP. 
  • All FRPP clutch cables have a completely different, non-OEM design and construction. 
  • FRPP clutch cables are made in Taiwan. 
  • Requires a firewall adjuster. 
  • Will not fit without a firewall adjuster.
This item

  • One Mustang clutch cable, ready for use with a firewall adjuster and the appropriate aluminum quadrant.

  • Provides the same smooth and low-effort pedal motion as the original stock clutch cable did when your Mustang was brand new. 
  • Maintains low-friction operation even with heavy clutch loads. 
  • Ready for fitment to a firewall adjuster; no need for the installer to modify the end of the housing. 
  • Available in a money-saving package with a quadrant and firewall adjuster 
  • Longer than many of the stock Mustang cable assemblies, allowing it to be routed away from the exhaust.
Unlike offshore-sourced clutch cables: 

  • Tough OEM cable housing does not easily collapse. 
  • Inner cable glides effortlessly inside a low-friction PTFE sheath. 
  • Multi-layer outer housing provides greater heat resistance. 
  • Strong OEM inner steel cable is more stretch resistant.
Product Features 

  • OEM design and construction: That's why it works better. 
  • OEM design and construction: That's why it lasts longer. 
  • Multi-layered OEM housing, unlike all other Mustang clutch cables, from both the aftermarket and FRPP. 
  • Steel-strands have a low-angle spiral and secondary binding, providing greatest longitudinal strength, and very high resistance to collapse. 
  • Low-friction PTFE inner sheath, unlike other clutch cables. 
  • Designed for easy installation with a firewall clutch adjuster.

  • Requires a firewall adjuster. Cannot be installed on a Mustang that does not have a firewall adjuster. 
  • Requires an aftermarket aluminum Quadrant that is compatible with a stock clutch cable. Cannot be used with a quadrant intended to only be used with an adjustable clutch cable. 
  • See the photo above for construction details: OEM cable is on the bottom, aftermarket cable on the top.

Manufacturer Maximum Motorsports

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