Magnaflow 2010 GT/GT500 2.5" CatBack Exhaust w/Magnapacks

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Manufacturer: Magnaflow

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Magnaflow 2010 GT/GT500 2.5" CatBack Exhaust w/Magnapacks

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Magnaflow 2010 GT/GT500 2.5" CatBack Exhaust w/Magnapacks

  • If you want to improve the performance on your new 2010 Mustang GT/GT500 than the Magnaflow Cat-back with Magnapack Mufflers is just what you need

The Inside Story on MagnaFlow Mufflers!
The WideOpen performance mufflers feature a stainless steel mesh in the core which warms up quickly to maintain the muffler's optimal temperature for exhaust movement, creating a porous barrier that allows sound vibrations to pass freely into the acoustical absorbing material. Packed between the steel mesh and the steel shell, the acoustical absorbing material will filter out all the harsh exhaust vibrations, giving MagnaFlow its rich, powerful, performance tone.

Increased Performance through Improved Tubing!
Unlike Louvers with bent-in metal flaps which create turbulence and slow air flow, MagnaFlows one piece perforated stainless steel tubing lets gasses pass right through without any turbulence or backpressure with absolutely no restrictions. Its mandrel-bent tubing design is maintained throughout the length of the tubing, regarless of the bend. The flow capacity in the bend is the same as the straight-away and will result in no reductions or backpressure. All MagnaFlow system tubing is mandrel-bent to assure systemwide high-flow.

This Kit Includes

  • MagnaFlow's Patended WideOpen Performance Mufflers.
  • All Stainless Steel Mandrel Bent Tubing.
  • All Necessary Bolts & Hardware.
  • Step-by-step, fully illustrated installation manual
Manufacturer Magnaflow
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  • SVT Shelby GT500 2010
  • Mustang GT 2010