Lethal Performance PPRV Delete Kit with 30R10 Submersible Line


Manufacturer: Lethal Performance

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Lethal Performance PPRV Delete Kit with 30R10 Submersible Line

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Lethal Performance PPRV Delete Kit with 30R10 Submersible Line

This kit is specifically designed to remove the PPRV which is a valve system in the fuel assembly that causes hesitation during hard driving. To remove the PPRV you will need to run new lines from the pumps to the y block and then to the fuel hat. Doing so you must make sure to use the proper fuel lines as a standard line will not last being submerged in gas for long periods of time and will eventually deteriorate. Thats why we use only Gates 5/16" 30R10 High Pressure Submersible fuel line.

The Gates Submersible Fuel Line Hose exceeds the SAE 30R10 rating and is capable of handling gasoline, alcohol-extended gasoline or diesel fuel in fully immersed, mobile, stationary and marine applications.

  • Engineered for constant contact with gasoline (and other liquid petroleum distillates) on the inside and the outside
  • Excellent for use on fuel pumps in the gas tank
  • Meets the SAE 30R10 specification for submersible fuel line hose applications
  • Fluoroelastomer (FKM) tubed cover resists gas permeation and retards aging
  • Aramid Fiber reinforcement—the same fiber used in bulletproof vests and is pound-for-pound stronger than steel
  • Maximum temperature rating: +302°F (+150°C)

  • PPRV Delete Kit Includes:
  • 3' of Gates 30R10 Submersible High Pressure Fuel Line
  • (1) Y-Block
  • (6) Hose Clamps
  • Manufacturer Lethal Performance
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