Lethal Performance 2011-2014 Mustang 3.7L V6 JLT Intake, Offroad Pipe & Lund Racing nGauge Power Pack (Hydrocarbon Finish)


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1 x JLT 2011-2014 Mustang 3.7L V6 Plastic Cold Air Intake (Hydrocarbon Finish)   +$0.00
1 x Lund Racing nGauge Tuning and Monitoring Gauge w/Base Tune (2011+)   +$0.00
1 x nGauge Windshield Mount   +$0.00

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Lethal Performance 2011-2014 Mustang 3.7L V6 JLT Intake, Offroad Pipe & Lund Racing nGauge Power Pack (Hydrocarbon Finish)

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Package Includes: (1) Lethal Performance Offroad X or H-Pipe
(1) JLT 2011+ 3.7L V6 Plastic Cold Air Intake (Hydrocarbon Finish)
(1) Lund Racing nGauge Device
(1) Lund Racing Custom Tune

We finally found the time to mock up an offroad X and H pipe for the 2011-2014 Mustang 3.7L V6. We've seen how well they work on all of the previous model mustangs so why wouldn't it work on the 2011-2014 V6?

When I first started talking about this on some of the forums several members questioned it. However I said to myself this is a 305hp car. Removing the cats has to show some gains.

So we headed off to Power by the Hour in Boynton Beach, FL where Jake and crew helped with our testing. The test car was a 2011 V6 with the automatic transmission and 93 octane. Our first 2 baseline runs yielded us only 224rwhp and 245rwtq. Definitely lower HP than I thought it would make but the TQ looked good. Keep in mind that the auto trans typically makes less then a manual car does. That's just part of the drivetrain loss associated with the auto trans.

After the baseline runs were done we let the car cool down and did the swap over to our 2.5" offroad X-pipe. Just like the stock midpipe our offroad midpipe is 2.5" all the way back and necks down to 2 1/4" where it mates to the stock over-axle pipes.

We put the car back on the dyno and ran it again with the stock calibration. Both runs showed an increase of 14 and 16rwhp. Torque increased by 5rwtq on each run.

We then flashed the car with a nGauge loaded with a custom tune from our tuner Jon Lund. Ran the car again 2 times and the car picked up another 5-6 rwhp making the total gain for the offroad X-pipe and tune around 20rwhp.

Then it was time to ditch the closed stock air box for one of JLT's cold air kits. The installation of the intake was a breeze. JLT's air kit goes together in minutes and fits perfect. It had all of the connections needed for the PCV and came with high quality silicone hose couplers. Swap the stock MAF sensor over and bolt the heat shield in and you're done.

JLT's intake doesn't require a tune however Jon Lund put together a tune he believed would work best for the intake and offroad pipe.

We made a few more pulls and were pleased to see a 28-30rwhp increase over stock.

Not bad for a few hundred dollars worth of mods. Not only did we pick up some respectable rwhp and tq the car sounded much more aggressive with the catless pipe.

Gain up to 30rwhp with this package on 93 octane. Works on both automatic and manual transmission cars.

Lethal Performance is proud to offer Jon Lund custom tuned nGauges for your 2011-2014 Mustang 3.7L V6. The tunes we offer are made from countless hours on the dyno and on track with multiple 2011 Mustang V6's. When you order your tune it comes pre-programmed by us specific to the modifications you have on your car. All you need to do is plug it in and flash the vehicle and you're on your way. What's best about our custom tuned SCT devices is that you're also able to make several changes to the tune if needed. So if you happen to change your gear ratio or would like to raise your rev limiter there's no need to request a new tune. It can all be done with the SCT device. If you have any questions about our custom tuned programmers please feel free to give us a call.

Manufacturer Lethal Performance
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