Lethal Performance 07-2010 GT500 Offroad X-Pipe (No Cats)

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Lethal Performance 07-2010 GT500 Offroad X-Pipe (No Cats)

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Lethal Performance 07-2010 GT500 Offroad X-Pipe (No Cats)


Mandrel Bent Aluminized Steel

Offroad - No Cats

Bolts up to your Stock Manifolds and Over Axle Pipes

No Cutting or Welding Needed

Increased HP and Torque

2.5" Diameter Tubing

Hardware Included


All new at Lethal Performance is our own offroad x-pipe made specifically for your 07-2010 GT500. Removing the cats has shown to increase power up to 30hp depending on your setup. Most important is that the stock cats won't hold up for long to the abuse of 700+rwhp. We've seen numerous times where a customers stock cats have failed and caused the car not to run properly. That's no more the case as our aluminized steel 2.5" offroad x-pipe simply removes the cats and lets your exhaust flow free. Our pipe is a direct bolt on and requires no welding or cutting. Just remove your stock midpipe from the exhaust manifolds and over axle pipes. Then install our pipe with the supplied hardware and you're done. Our pipe comes with the o2 sensor bungs welded in the stock location so there's no extensions needed.

NOTE: If you have a tune on the car already for an intake or pulley you most likely don't need another tune for the offroad pipe as most tuners turn off the rear 02's and the COT's feature on all of their tunes. If you have a performance tune and are unsure if those 2 features are turned off in the tune just give your tuner a call and ask them. If they say that both features are off then you can run the pipe with no other changes needed to the tune. If the features are not already turned off then you'll need them to do so in order to fully benefit from going cattless and keep from throwing check engine codes. That feature is what the stock tune does to protect the cats from overheating. It basically richens up the A/F by throwing fuel in which cools the cats. Since you're not going to be running cats anymore you want that feature turned off. If not you won't get the full benefit of the offroad pipe as the tune won't hold a steady A/F throughout the RPM range as the car still thinks it has cats and will dump fuel.

If you have any questions about the Lethal Performance GT500 offroad X-pipe please feel free to give us a call.

Manufacturer Lethal Performance
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Customer Reviews

Wow what awesome sound! Review by Bill
Moved to Denver from the east coast, the altitude killed the sound of our '07 GT500 convertible with the Borla Touring system (lost 5lbs of boost; even Jon Lund couldn't help fix that one). Wife has been doing nothing but complaining to me that our car sounds like a lame Prius now.. yes, a Prius. Put on your Offroad X Pipe (I'll change it out every two years for the car's emissions test) and the car sounds absolutely fantastic now, like a Shelby should, it really turns heads in a good way. Really deep rumble and growl. WIFE IS HAPPY NOW! Thanks Lethal, you've made my life so much better (in more ways than one :) Many thanks, Bill. (Posted on 3/5/16)
Good Bang for the Buck Review by Clint
Hard to argue any problems with the price compared to others, slight fitment issue on the passenger side with the angle of the pipe just at the collector, truly seemed likely could have just been that pipe when it was bent and not a showing of them all. Again though, price makes it hard to argue any small details, just pulled it back down, big vise grip, some pry bars and a few minutes later we were in business. (Posted on 10/23/15)
Great product for the price Review by Ruben
I add this x pipe to my gt500 last month. Love it. Sounds great, I am always revving it three grand just so I can hear the rumble popping. I kept the stock mufflers and sounds tame until 2500. I took about a few weeks for it break in. Now it sounds like a muscle car. (Posted on 8/24/14)
Great price for a great piece Review by Ruben
Just added this xpipe to my gt500. Love it. Really gives it a muscle car sound. Kept stock mufflers and it is only loud when you mash the gas. Great value, you will love it. (Posted on 8/8/14)
Great product bargin! Review by Eleanor
I installed this noncatted x-pipe on my 07 GT500. Sounds great drove it on a stock GT500 for a week then upgraded to a 3.4 Whipple. Sounds even better I must say this was a great bargin for the buck! Without having to upgrade my entire exhaust. Still kept my stock headers and mufflers! I must say loud but no to loud. Trying to build a sleeper. I must give it to lethal, this I'd an awesome product at a great price! (Posted on 10/2/13)

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