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Lethal Performance
Lethal Performance 2007-2012 GT500 Pulley Pack with JLT 123mm Plastic Big Air intake
Package Includes:

JLT 123mm Plastic Big Air Intake

Metco Motorsports 2.60" Supercharger Pulley

Metco MSI-90D Dual Ball Bearing 90mm Auxiliary Idler Kit

Handheld Tuning Device

Custom Calibration of your choice from either Lund Racing, Li Tuning & Racing or Palm Beach Dyno

NGK TR6 Spark Plugs (Set of 8)


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Lethal Performance 07-2012 GT500 Pulley Pack w/ JLT 123mm Plastic Big Air intake

Package Includes:
JLT 123mm Plastic Big Air Intake
Metco Motorsports 2.60" Supercharger Pulley
Metco MSI-90D Dual Ball Bearing 90mm Auxiliary Idler Kit
Handheld Tuning Device
Custom Calibration of your choice from either Lund Racing, Li Tuning & Racing or Palm Beach Dyno
NGK TR6 Spark Plugs (Set of 8)

Replace that ugly upper intake tube that came on your car with the new JLT Induction Kit

No tuning required
Add great looks under the hood and increases that supercharger whine.

Super easy install

• Plastic Intake Tube with PCV fitting & Vacuum Line Fitting
• Silicone Couplers
• HD Clamps

Standard finish is an OEM looking black textured plastic.

Available in your cars exact body color. All painted tubes receive a special treatment so paint adheres correctly to the plastic and go through an in-depth process to remove all the texture. We then use only the best quality materials to give each tube a smooth gloss finish.

Anything from Carbon Fiber to Skulls to Snakeskin, American Flags and more. Choose any base color to show through the graphic print and you have your own custom intake. Through an awesome process called HydroGraphics, the intake tube is made to look like whatever you want. The tube is painted and then dipped in a water solution with a film that adheres to the part when removed. Tube is then clear coated for a durable finish. HYDROCARBON is a standard print we use that looks like carbon fiber.

This kit is street legal in all US states.
CARB Exempt ID: D-761-2

Metco GT500 Auxiliary Idler Kit with Double-Bearing Idler
All new from Metco Motorsports is the Aux Idler Kit with their new Double Ball Bearing Idler. The Double Ball bearing idler will handle the abuse of higher boost cars that spin the belt drive faster than normal. In addition to that the Aux Idler system is adjustable to help take up slack in the belt from different pulley combination's as well as assist in eliminating belt slip.

The Metco Motorsports auxiliary idler kit for the Shelby GT500 is cleverly engineered to be a simple bolt on and to be the ultimate solution to belt slippage.

The kit consists of a heavy-duty, precision-machined aluminum plate that offers three locations for the included 90mm double-bearing idler pulley. The plate bolts to existing bolt bosses on the vehicle and locates the pulley just to the left of the supercharger pulley, maximizing belt wrap and eliminating slippage. No modifications to the vehicle are necessary. The required fasteners are included, as well as illustrated installation instructions.

NOTE: Will not fit Whipple 4.0L Supercharger

Metco 2.60" Supercharger Pulley
Replace the original 3.00" supercharger pulley with one of our precision-made supercharger pulley kits to add boost to your Shelby Mustang. The kit includes a pulley hub machined from high-grade steel that presses onto the blower shaft. The CNC-machined aluminum ring bolts to the steel hub using the supplied stainless steel fasteners, and this two-piece design makes subsequent pulley ring changes a snap.

The steel hub is re-usable (unlike aluminum one-piece blower pulleys), and is nickel-plated for long lasting surface protection. The aluminum ring is hard-coat anodized in black to resist surface wear, and after anodizing the ring is pocket-milled for good looks (2.60" ring only, shown second from left).

We recommend the use of our Auxiliary Idler Kit (Metco Motorsports PN MSI-90) with this supercharger pulley. When these two components are installed together, the vehicle's original serpentine belt can be re-used.

Note 1: Due to the extremely tight interference fit of the factory supercharger pulley on the Shelby GT500 and the weak design of the pulley itself, the factory pulley is often damaged upon removal. To change pulleys, the use of a hydraulic press is recommended but a high-quality pulley removal and installation tool can also be used. We manufacture our own pulley tool and it is available under Metco Motorsports PN MPT0001, listed elsewhere in this section.

Note 2: In addition to the overdrive (smaller) supercharger pulleys, Metco Motorsports offers a stock-sized 3.00" diameter supercharger pulley ring for this application. If the need arises to return to the stock boost level, pulley rings are available separately (listed elsewhere in this section) and can be changed in minutes.

NGK TR6 V-Power Spark Plugs (Set of 8)
Replace your stock plugs with these NGK TR-6 Plugs, there are one step colder than stock. These are a must when changing out your supercharger pulley to create more boost. The colder plug will help prevent detonation from the increased heat the motor see's from higher boost levels.

Tuning Options from The Tune Shop

Lund Racing
As mentioned, we have been using Lund Racing for a decade. The team at Lund Racing have tuned 1000s of applications from bolt-ons to 1000+rwhp forced induction cars both stateside and across the globe, now specializing in 2011+ Mustangs & Shelbys. They hold countless records and take pride in each and every build.

Li Tuning & Racing
Sai Li of Li Racing & Tuning is not only a tuner but also a hardcore racer at heart. He’s become well known not just for his calibrations but also for his own 8-second turbo S197. He also made one of the most popular fuel systems for the 2011-2017 Mustang GTs on the market. Tuning out of Tampa, FL, Sai is an excellent choice for any of your tuning needs.

Palm Beach Dyno
While Palm Beach Dyno is newer to the scene as a shop, the head tuner & owner Ken Bjonnes has been in the tuning business for well over a decade. Working for/running established companies like Modular Depot, DiabloSport & more, he has made a name for himself in the Mustang performance industry. Located in South Florida, Ken’s extensive experience with multiple applications has given him a large & varied catalog of tunes to build from. Palm Beach Dyno strives to be on the leading edge of tuning & performance and goes above & beyond to support their customers, including those of Lethal Performance. Add Mr. Rob "Tunemaker" Shoemaker's expertise into the mix and now you're in business.

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SVT Shelby GT5002007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012

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