Roush Stock Look Intercooler Reservoir

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Manufacturer: Roush

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Roush Stock Look Intercooler Reservoir

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Roush Stock Look Intercooler Reservoir

-Three times the capacity of the stock tank intercooler tank
-Re-use your factory cap
-Requires slight trimming of upper intercooler pump hose due to larger size *Utilizes stock mounting points

Manufacturer Roush

Customer Reviews

Huge capacity compared to stock, easy install Review by SuperG7one3
This is my second one of these, I lost my intercooler pump and the system got hot a few times and the top of this tank bulged up same as the stock one did before that. Since fixing the pump, this one hasn't had any issues. It sucks to have to buy a new one, but I'd rather have a little give in the system and bulge an overflow tank than have a metal tank and blow the next weakest link (probably hose) and overheat the system in a bad way. I installed two new intercoolers with fans at the same time so I can't say much for the cooling effectiveness of just this one part by itself, but now my intake temps are considerably lower than stock, so I'd recommend this if you want some extra capacity in the system. (Posted on 3/27/15)

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