Lethal Performance 07-09 GT500 Pulley Pack w/ Steeda Intake


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Lethal Performance 07-09 GT500 Pulley Pack w/ Steeda Intake

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Lethal Performance 07-09 GT500 Pulley Pack with Steeda Cold Air Intake
The Lethal Pulley Pack is one of the easiest and most effective way to not only wake up your stock GT500 but add some Lethal power!

Typical Gains:
525-535 in the Summer months
550-560 in the Winter months

Included in the Kit:
(1) Custom Tuned Xcal 4
(1) Metco 2.60" Supercharger Pulley Kit
(1) DivisionX Auxiliary Idler Kit
(1) Steeda Cold Air Intake
(8) NGK TR6 Spark Plugs

Lethal Performance is proud to offer our own line of performance packs for the 07-09 Shelby GT500.. Custom tuning along with the industry's highest quality parts is what we've got for you. All of our custom tuned X3's and Livewires come with performance enhanced tune files done through true custom tuning. Countless hours of dyno and track time have  provided us with many different combinations to come up with the special recipe for awesome power and excellent driveability.

Steeda Cold Air Intake Kit
Gain horsepower and torque with this straightforward and easy upgrade. Lifetime filter can be cleaned and re-oiled, but the big news here is that we've streamlined the airflow in the GT 500 Mustang to the point that a computer re-flash isn't just an option, it's required!

The kit is supplied with a stainless steel air box with built-in Billet aluminum Super Velocity stack. It mounts in the factory location with the supplied rubber trim to keep the hot air out. Billet mass air meter is bright nickel plated for a lustrous shine and measures in at an industry leading 114mms!! Our tests showed inlet temps a mere 5 degrees above ambient temperature. The Steeda Lifetime Filter can easily be cleaned and re-oiled, making maintenance a snap. All stainless steel hardware required for installation is included in the kit.

Metco 2007+ Shelby GT500 Interchangeable Supercharger Pulley

Metco Motorsports Interchangeable Supercharger pulleys for your all new GT500..How it works is the smaller diameter of this pulley allows the supercharger's rpm's to increase. This in turn allows the supercharger to flow more air and create more boost pressure which makes power. The Metco pulley design uses a hub and ring style setup. This means you press the hub onto the superchargers shaft and then bolt the pulley ring to it with allen bolts. The hub and ring design allows for quicker pulley changes which can be done in less than 5 minutes. 2.60" adds 4lbs of boost.

In stock and ready to ship.

NOTE: When using either the 2.60" or the 2.80" pulley you can use your stock belt by using the Metco Auxiliary Idler Kit

DivisionX Shelby GT500 Auxiliary Idler Kit

Lethal Performance is proud to offer the DivisionX Auxiliary Idler Assembly. The Auxiliary Idler kit is designed to provide maximum belt contact of the supercharger pulley, thereby decreasing the amount of belt slippage in high boost situations.

CNC machined from 6061 T-6 Aluminum for Accuracy and Detail
"Hard Coat" Anodized Idler Pulley for superior belt wear protection and bearing bore hardness
Top Notch OEM Quality Sealed for life bearing
A must when using a smaller supercharger pulley on your Shelby
Allows for use of the stock belt when upgrading to a Smaller Supercharger Pulley
Works with 2.8 and 2.6 Supercharger Pulleys
Comes complete with easy to follow instructions and hardware
Fits perfect with no modification necessary

NGK TR6 Spark Plugs- These are a must when upping the boost with a smaller supercharger pulley. The more boost you make the hotter the intake temperatures get. The TR6 spark plug is 1 heat range colder than the GT500 spark plug. This helps to cool the intake charge in the combustion chamber which helps to prevent detonation. The ideal spark plug gap for the GT500 running either the 2.60" or the 2.80" pulley is .035.

Manufacturer Lethal Performance
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