Klasse All-in-One Polish

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Klasse All-in-One Polish

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Manufactured in Germany, Klasse All-In-One is a world renowned car care product that has been a staple in many garages since 1979.  It has been responsible for many car show victories over the years and it's easy to use formula makes this a perfect choice for any novice or expert.

It's proprietary, non-abrasive, acrylic formula has been virtually unchanged for over 30 years.   It's called "All-In-One" because it will clean, polish and protect your vehicle in one simple step.  Typically, the protection from All-In-One will last anywhere from 2-3 months.  It has the capabilities to clear up light oxidation, and can also be used on your wheels to enhance the appearance, restore clarity and help avoid break dust from sticking to them.     

APPLICATION TIPS: Use sparingly!  The phrase less is more certainly applies here.  When you're removing oxidation, you may be required to use a little more than usual, but a little goes a long way.

Use our microfiber applicator to apply, and a clean, dry microfiber towel to remove.  There is no hazing or drying period, simply wipe on and wipe off.

Working in a cool, shaded area always nets the best results.  Waiting until the surface is cool is definitely advised. 

10 fl oz

Manufacturer Klasse

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