Whipple EcoBoost Stage 1 Upgrade Kit


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Whipple Stage 1 Upgrade Kit for the 2.7L/3.5L EcoBoost


Everyone knows that Whipple Superchargers makes some of the biggest, baddest blowers in the game, but did you know they also make parts & kits for the 2.7L and 3.5L EcoBoosts? 

The Stage 1 Upgrade Kit from Whipple comes with their Mega Cooler intercooler, High Velocity cold air intake and a 50-state legal custom calibration using their Tomahawk flash tool.


Jared goes over the basics of the Stage 1 Upgrade Kit & we test it out on our own Bitter Blake's F150. 
The Whipple Stage 1 Upgrade Kits are available for the following vehicles:
2015-2016 F150 EcoBoost 2.7L 
2017+ F150 EcoBoost 2.7L
The components of the Whipple Stage 1 Upgrade Kit for the 2.7L and 3.5L EcoBoost F150/Raptor
Each upgrade kit contains the following:
• Mega Cooler Intercooler
• High Velocity Cold Air Intake
• Tomahawk Flash Tool with Custom Calibration
In testing at Whipple's headquarters on a 3.5L F150 Raptor, Whipple picked up over 120ft/lbs of torque and 115hp over stock on 91 octane. Color us impressed.
At 3500rpm, Whipple showed that the kit was making over 150ft/lbs of torque over stock. What's that mean for you? That's some awesome low end power & throttle response right there!
Dyno sheet from Whipple testing the Stage 1 Upgrade Kit on a 3.5L EcoBoost Raptor


Let's break down the 3 components that make up this badass little power package.

Whipple Mega Cooler Intercooler

• Increased cooling capacity in the stock location, no cutting & no welding
• Measures 21" x 9.2" x 4.5"
• 54% more volume than stock

• 8% more surface area than stock (193.2 square inches of surface area!)
• Heavy duty bar & plate style intercooler featuring 16 fins per inch
• In testing, Whipple saw a 90° drop in temperatures on the dyno
• The cooler temperatures allow for increased spark advance (aka timing) and more oxygen to the engine, yielding MORE POWER

High Velocity Cold Air Intake

• Oversized roto-molded plastic air intake tube
• Maximizes air speed while reducing inlet restrictions
Features R2C Black Series gauze filter with extra wide pleats
• Increases air flow over 132% more than the stock paper filter

Tomahawk Tool w/ Custom Tune

• Whipple worked with the Ford calibration team to develop a tune that maximizes power efficiently
50-state legal tuning
• Tomahawk tool is easy to use & transfers files to and from your computer using an SD card
• Tomahawk tool allows you to read & erase trouble codes, data log & also view live data on the screen
Bitter Blake's 2017 F150 EcoBoost 3.5L
We installed the kit on #teamlethal staff member Blake's (aka Bitter Blake) 2017 F150 3.5L. The install can be done with basic tools & mechanical skills and takes roughly 2 hours (give or take depending on the beers consumed, haha!). 
We took Blake's truck across the way to Progidy Performance to throw it on the dyno. Because of the speed limiter, they chose to run the truck in 5th which is not a true 1:1 so the numbers read low (but we were still impressed!). 
Blake's F150 Baseline runs vs. Whipple Stage 1 Upgrade Kit

Stock, Blake's truck put down 325rwhp and 374 ft/lbs rwtq. After installing the Stage 1 kit, his truck jumped to 390rwhp and 420 ft/lbs rwtq! We asked Blake how his ride home was that day and he said the truck felt much, much quicker in both low & top end power. 
In another real world test, #teamlethal customer & support Rob Henson had the Whipple Stage 1 Upgrade Kit installed on his 2018 F150 EcoBoost 3.5L by the great guys over at Paramount Speed. Rob's truck picked up over 120rwhp and over 80 ft/lbs rwtq, which is definitely felt on the butt dyno!



So, are you sold on these kits for YOUR EcoBoost? Give us a shout!

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