What Injectors do I need? A quick Fuel Injector Guide

Fuel Injector Guide from FIC and Lethal


When it comes to choosing fuel injectors, it's all about going with the right flow.  Whether you are building a naturally aspirated setup or a supercharged setup, you want to make sure you have the right fuel injectors and that they are up to the task. 


Luckily, Fuel Injector Clinic (FIC) not only has some of the best performing fuel injectors in the aftermarket industry but they also provide a calculator to help you decide what size fuel injectors will best fit your needs. 


Lethal Performance is proud to offer the complete line of high performance fuel injectors from FIC Injectors, from 400cc to 2200cc, Mustangs to Camaros and more. 


So which ones does your Mustang need? Let's get into it.



Why FIC?

A fuel injector is not just a fuel injector, some are bad and some are awesome. FIC's R&D engineer Nic Santarpia sat down with Ford Muscle for an interview and outlined the exact things that set Fuel Injector Clinic apart from the competition:

"Fuel Injector Clinic utilizes custom fuel injector flow benches to offer the most comprehensive injector matching and tuning data in the industry. Matching our injectors by flow rate and individual offset value helps us go above and beyond the industry standard to optimize injector performance from idle all the way up to full throttle.

Furthermore, every injector is given a serial number, then extensively tested and characterized by both flow and individual offset values, which are then stored in a database. The customer’s set of injectors is pulled from this database so that they can achieve efficiency and flow rates that are within 1-percent of each other. This is accompanied by a 2-percent margin for the dead times, in order to ensure consistent fuel delivery across all cylinders. This flow-matching process helps optimize engine performance, idle stability, and overall drivability.

Fuel Injector Clinic provides easy-to-use, plug-and-play OEM and aftermarket ECU tuning data for many applications. For most applications, copy and paste tuning data can be easily found on the FIC website under the “ECU Data” drop down menu. Having this custom tuning data makes all the difference when tuning any ECU, as it ensures a precise and streamlined tuning process with excellent results"


Your FIC injectors will be flow matched, will come with the flow data sheet AND you'll have access to all of the tuning data needed to make sure they are dialed into your application.


Sample Flow Sheet from FICSample Flow Sheet from Fuel Injector Clinic



OK, I want FIC injectors... but what size do I need?


It's time for bigger fuel injectors on your build and you've decided on a set of FIC injectors (great choice, by the way) but now you need to choose which size injector you need for your setup. Fuel Injector Clinic offers a nifty Fuel Injector Calculator on their site that can help guide you to the right fuel injectors for your Mustang GT. 


For example, if you have a bolt on Mustang GT, or any big naturally aspirated Mustang GT build, and you want to run E85 here's the sizes that FIC recommends based on rear wheel horsepower:

Mustang GT Fuel Injector Chart | Naturally Aspirated | E85


What about supercharged applications, Lethal? Slapping a Whipple on your 2015 Mustang GT and going to run 93 Octane? Here's what you need:

Mustang GT Fuel Injector Chart | Supercharged | 93 Octane


Or maybe you want to make MORE power and run the car on E85? FIC has your back:

Mustang GT Fuel Injector Chart | Supercharged | E85

If you have a setup not listed here, you can check out Fuel Injector Clinic's Fuel Injector Calculator here.



Figure out what size FIC fuel injectors you need? Shop now!




If you have any questions, please give us a shout! We have techs standing by ready to help you make the right decisions for your Ford Mustang build.




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