The ULTIMATE Oil Change with Liqui Moly


Almost time to change the oil in your Ecoboost? Don't worry, we have you covered... 

When it came time to change the oil on our 21' Ford Bronco 2.7L, our friends at Liqui Moly have hooked it up with a line up of products they offer when it comes around to oil change time, including their Engine Flush, Cera Tec, and Full Synthetic Special Tec 5W-30 oil to finish the job and make sure we get plenty of life out of our engine.






Check out our Youtube video to see the process in real time! 




Why Liqui Moly? 

Since their Founding in 1953, Liqui Moly has been focused on research, quality, and always advancing their products, keeping up with the rapidly changing automotive industry. While creating their own standards for their products, many of their various automotive products are labeled with each rating they surpass. As the industry become more prevalent with GDI and Turbocharged Engines, Liqui Moly went to work designing oils suited to ensure the best engine protection, as well as cleanliness, and overall allowing for the highest engine efficiency. With their history comes the various awards won and personal testamonies from thousands of satisfied customers and shops that ONLY trust Liqui Moly with their vehicles. To top it all off, Liqui Moly stands firmly behind their products with a Limited Warranty, customer support services, and a plethora of data and informational sheets on each of their products. 

Now, Onto the Oil Change



The first thing, before we drain the oil is a treatment of Engine Flush. Per instruction, add this to your vehicle AFTER the engine is up to operating temperature. Once added, let the engine idle for 10-15 minutes. Once time has passed, you can start the oil change. This will make the oil less viscous, so be careful when draining, as it will drain much faster than normally. 




Before we lifted the truck up, we loosened the oil filter housing up top, since the filter is mounted in the engine bay. After getting the oil drained, we replaced the OEM, plastic drain plug with a UPR Billet Drain Plug with Magnetic Tip and Drain Valve for added ease on the next round of the oil change. 


Next, we brought the truck back down, replaced all the O-Rings on the oil filter housing with the New ones supplied from Motorcraft, along with a fresh Motorcraft filter, screwed the assembly back on to the truck, and torqued it down to the stated spec, 18 ft. lbs. We also took off our UPR Catch Can to drain it and see what it had caught, and boy, we we're blown away with all the nastiness that caught. 



To finish the job up, we added just short of 7 Qts of oil, as we added the full bottle of Liqui Moly Cera Tec, in addition, to help the motor run smoother, as well as give the internals a coating of ceramic to help minimize wear and tear and further the life of this engine.


The Cera Tec is a chemical/ceramic blend, in which the ceramic side of the formula fills in any small imperfections in the cylinder walls from factory, where as the other half, know as the friction modifier, helps reduce friction and over lower engine oil temperatures. The longterm result? A longer laster and better running engine. Looking to upgrade your ride? Check out our selections of 2021 Ford Bronco performance parts, 2022 Bronco Raptor parts, and 2022 Bronco Sport parts today. 










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