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Custom tuners, like many other aspects of Mustang performance, are not ‘one size fits all.’  There is no “best supercharger” or “best exhaust”, just as there is no “best tuner.” There are, however, awesome tuners and there are crappy tuners.
For over a decade now we have been using Lund Racing on every one of our shop vehicles and have also been offering their tuning services to all of our customers. They have gone above and beyond to get our builds running to their full potential. We’ve set records both on the dyno and on the track and we could not have done it without the guys at Lund Racing (we love you ❤️). Lund Racing will still be tuning our 2018 Mustang GT (and whatever else we decide to get our hands on), but we do realize there are other tuners on the market who are just as badass and have created niches of their own.  We may install a Whipple on all of our cars, but we know Procharger, Vortech, Hellion & the rest make power adder setups that are just as badass.
With that said, we introduce The Tune Shop here at Lethal Performance.

We carry not only Lund Racing custom tuning but a variety of options. We will offer all of the superstars of Mustang & late model Ford tuning right here in one place. This allows YOU the customer to be able to CHOOSE the tuner of your preference while buying both your tunes & parts from a reputable source. Here's the tuning options we offer (click each one to read more about them!)

Lund Racing

Palm Beach Dyno

Li Racing & Tuning

AED Tuning

5 Star Tuning

ID Motorsports

Each tuner has their own specialties so you can be sure to get the right fit.

We also offer these tunes with all of our Lethal Performance power packages complete with SCT devices, the Lund Racing nGauge or the HP Tuners nGauge.

Check out each one below and let us know if you have any questions. 


For complete instructions on how to order a tune, CLICK HERE.


As mentioned, we have been using Lund Racing for a decade. The team at Lund Racing have tuned 1000s of applications from bolt-ons to 1000+rwhp forced induction cars both stateside and across the globe, now specializing in 2011+ Mustangs & Shelbys. They hold countless records and take pride in each and every build. With more than a handful of tuning experts with decades of experience on their team, they are sure to get your build up & running at it’s best. 

We also did a collab shirt featuring Jon Lund II himself! He's the griller, the baker, the tuning MAN. Check it out:

To purchase the shirt, click here.


Want to see some videos from Lund? OK!


Ready to order? Click here for a Lund Racing custom tune.



While Palm Beach Dyno is newer to the scene as a shop, the head tuner & owner Ken Bjonnes has been in the tuning business for well over a decade. Working for/running established companies like Modular Depot, DiabloSport & more, he has made a name for himself in the Mustang performance industry. Located in South Florida, Ken’s extensive experience with multiple applications has given him a large & varied catalog of tunes to build from. Palm Beach Dyno strives to be on the leading edge of tuning & performance and goes above & beyond to support their customers, including those of Lethal Performance. Add Mr. Rob "Tunemaker" Shoemaker and Trevor Berkheiser’s expertise into the mix and now you're in business.

Speaking of Mr. Shoemaker, we have an exclusive Tunemaker shirt featuring his pretty mug:

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Here's a couple of Mustangs on the Palm Beach Dyno rollers:


Ready to order? Click here for a Palm Beach Dyno custom tune.

Already purchased a tune? CLICK HERE for instructions!!



Sai Li of Li Racing & Tuning is not only a tuner but also a hardcore racer at heart. He’s become well known not just for his calibrations but also for his own 8-second turbo S197. Not just his, though, he’s got multiple low 8-second Coyotes under his belt. Bonus: he also makes one of the most popular fuel systems for the 2011-up Mustang GTs on the market.

Want to see a couple of these 8-second cars tuned by Sai? Check this video out:


Ready to order? Click here for a Li Tuning & Racing custom tune.



Advanced Engine Development is an established, well-known performance & tuning shop in the foothills of Sierra Nevada, California. Shaun Perry is an authorized tuner for multiple tuning platforms & has tuned everything from Cobras to GT500s, setting records & gaining praise for not only tuning excellence but also customer service. Currently, though, he excels mostly in the Coyote market. 

Here are a couple of great videos from AED:


Ready to order? Click here for an AED custom tune.

NOTE: AED is not currently tuning for California vehicles.



5 Star Tuning is one of the newer additions to The Tune Shop but they are by no means new to the tuning world. A family owned operation out of South Carolina, 5 Star Tuning tunes a large variety of trucks, SUVs and even RVs! 5 Star Tuning offers both remote & in-house dyno appointments. They tune Coyotes, EcoBoosts and even Diesels. 5 Star offers tuning on both SCT devices AND the HP Tuners nGauge.


Want to see some of their handy work in action? Check out these videos, one featuring trucks racing down the 1/4 mile pulling campers!


Ready to order? Click here for a 5 Star Tuning custom tune.



ID Motorsports offers a variety of tunes for 2011-up Mustangs & F150s, whether you have a Coyote or EcoBoost. They offer street performance tunes, race tunes and also what they call “Hot” tunes which is the best of both worlds combined. With a combined experience of 25+ years and 2 locations (MD and FL), ID Motorsports is a great choice.

Check out a sampling of their work:


Ready to order? Click here for an ID Motorsports custom tune.


Give us a shout with any questions or place your order here at  today.

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