totally rad tax sale

The Lethal Performance Totally Rad Tax Return Sale is ON!

Some people may not get money back. Some people may get a few hundred. Some get WAY more. Either way, every year we celebrate this time when we have a little extra jingle in our pockets and we have [hopefully] recovered from the Holidays.

This year we have some good ones! And as usual, if there's something you've been eyeing and it's not on this list, feel free to give us a shout and we'll see what we can do!

Here's the brands we have featured over the next few week (click on them to go directly to that sale):

Corsa Performance Exhaust

American Racing Headers

Magnaflow Exhaust

MBRP Exhaust

Exedy Clutches

Palm Beach Dyno

Long Tube Headers (LTH)

McLeod Racing

Lethal Performance Custom Exhaust

Lethal Performance / divisionX Fuel Systems & Accessories


Sai Li Tuning & Racing

Eibach Suspension

Whipple Superchargers

Baer Brakes

UPR Products (TBD!)

& more to be added...

With that said, let's get this party, er I mean SALE started!

Corsa Performance is giving you MONEY BACK this tax season! For some, it's even more than they got from the government.  Beyond the savings you get when you purchase from Lethal Performance, that means you'll get an extra $100+ in your pocket. And your car will sound amazing. Awesome. This deal runs ALL of March. Also awesome.

If you buy a Corsa axleback or catback valued over $1000, Corsa is going to give you $150 BACK.

If you buy a set of Corsa longtube headers (heyyyyy Coyote guys!) over $1000 they will give you $100 BACK.


Once you've purchased, just click here to fill out the form and you're all set!

Oh you thought we'd only have one type of exhaust on sale? We know you like options. And this is a GOOD one, too. American Racing Headers are on sale ALL MONTH LONG. For 31 days you can SAVE on some of the most popular longtube headers & exhaust on the market. Made from high quality stainless steel right here in the USA (#merica), American Racing won't leave you unhappy. We can't tell you the secret squirrel pricing, but all you have to do is LOG IN and you'll see it! 

BONUS: We've run ARH on multiple Lethal project cars, including their FULL exhaust on our 2015 Mustang GT. Here's a sound clip:

Have questions? Give us a shout!



Magnaflow Exhaust has been a huge player in the exhaust game for decades. And for good reason. They have a plethora of well constructed, awesome sounding exhaust available for just about every vehicle on the road, including our specialty: late model Mustangs. Want to save BIG on your Magnaflow purchase? Just log in and check out the secret squirrel Loyalty pricing. It's so worth it.

Want some sound clips? We have quite a few on our YouTube channel. Click here to check them out. GT350, GT500, GTs...the whole gang!




MBRP may be a bit newer to the Mustangs but they have no shame in their game. They offer both aluminuzed and stainless steel setups for just about every Mustang model there is from EcoBoosts to GT350s.  They have X-pipes, H-pipes, resonator deletes, catbacks & more at a great price that sound AWESOME. And right now that great price is even better if you log in and get access to the Loyalty pricing! 


Want to hear it? Our own #teamlethal Creative Director Christy runs their full longtubes, H-pipe and catback on her 2013 Mustang GT. Here's a clip:




Exedy was a big name in the import world until they learned where the real power was (am I right??). Now they make some of the most popular clutches & transmission accessories on the market. From their popular Mach series clutch kits to their 6r80 clutch pack upgrade kit, they're sure to help you get that power to the wheels. To SAVE on their entire line, just log in and you'll get access to our secret squirrel Loyalty pricing.





Through March 31st we have all Palm Beach Dyno tunes & tune+device combos on sale for $50 OFF! Palm Beach Dyno is one of the top tuners in The Tune Shop with guys like Ken Bjonnes, Trevor B. and Rob "The TUNEMAKER" Shoemaker writing the programs! These guys have countlessly set records and can get your car set up and running like a champ.

No code needed, price will adjust in the cart total!




Long Tube Headers, born from the engineering masterminds at CP-e, makes some of the nicest headers on the market for your late model Mustang. Made in the USA, backed by a lifetime warranty and topped off with their trademarked Titan™ Finish, they're sure not to disappoint you. The price won't either, especially since we'll have them for 15% OFF from March 18th through March 31st! No code needed, just add to cart & save. 



Baer Brakes! We recently made a huge stink about the awesome new Drag Race brakes that Baer sent us for our 2018 Mustang GT. Their SS4+ 2.0 Drag Race system is a top choice for those guys needing a brake setup for the track or wanting to run a 15" rear wheel. That's not all they make, though! Baer makes some of the biggest, baddest brake kits on the market. Whether you're after a set of replacement rotors or a complete 6-piston kit, they have got the setup for you. Oh and in a huge assortment of custom colors. 

Want info on the drag race setup we got? Click here.


As for custom colors, you can even get a hot pink huge 6-piston setup like this one on our #teamlethal staff member Christy's 2013 Mustang GT:



We have nothing but awesome things to say about McLeod Racing. We've run their RXTs and RXT 1200HDs in just about every Mustang we've owned. They've got a single or twin disc clutch setup for whatever horsepower or application you need them for. They don't just offer clutches, though! They also offer automatic clutch pack upgrades, including one for the latest 10r80 transmission! (We'll be installing them in Project Goldmember here shortly)

From March 23rd through March 31st, we are giving you 15% OFF of all McLeod Racing clutch kits & accessories. You can save hundreds on the best selling & performing twin disc setup on the market. 

Want to know which setup is right for YOU? Check out our McLeod Tech Info page and check out the video below.



Need an offroad H-pipe for your S197 Mustang GT? Or maybe a resonator delete for your GT350? We offer our own aluminized & stainless steel custom exhaust for most 2011-up Mustangs (including 2007-up GT500s). From March 25th through April 8th, we are giving you 10% OFF (plus free shipping) on all of our Lethal Performance custom exhaust

This includes our 2018+ Mustang GT axleback (which sounds amazing, and no we aren't biased). Check it out here:




Fuel is one of the most important (and possibly one of the most overlooked) components of any build. Whether you want to support 600rwhp or 1800rwhp, we have the right system for your setup. Using components from divisionX, CP-e, Aeromotive, Fragola & Walbro we build complete return style fuel systems for most 99-up Mustang GTs and GT500s. When a pump booster just won't cut it, a full return system is the way to go. 

From March 25h through April 8th, we are giving you 10% OFF plus free shipping on all of our Lethal Performance (& divisionX) fuel systems & accessories. From budget kits to 2000hp capable systems, now's the time to SAVE


Have a 2018+?? We also recently launched our complete return style fuel systems for the 2018+ Mustang GT (including you guys running a Whipple setup like us!). Check them out here



Speaking of the engineering gurus over at CP-e, from April 1st through April 12th (NOPE, not an April Fool's joke) we'll have all CP-e products marked down 15% OFF!

These guys make it all, from fuel hats to intercoolers, downpipes to intakes. They've got it covered and you can expect nothing but the best quality, made right here in the USA. 


Have one of the new badass Raptors? We do and we've got a bunch of boxes of goodies from our friends at CP-e to install. They've got:



Cold Air Intake

Save on your own goodies during our sale!!



The man, the myth, the legend... Mr. SAI LI of Li Tuning & Racing is letting us bring you some special pricing from April 1st through April 8th.

We will have his NA Custom Tunes for just $150! Check it out here

Need it with a device? Click here.

We'll also have his world-famous 2011+ Mustang GT fuel systems for just $950 shipped! These aren't normally discounted so don't miss out on this deal! 



From April 1st through April 12th, we'll have all Eibach Suspension marked down for 10% OFF.

Now's the time to save on sportline springs, sway bars & more from one of the leading suspension companies in the world.

We still have a couple brands yet to be posted so check back often! You won't want to miss these deals.


Like we said before, if you don't see what's on your wish list just give us a shout! 

Call us at 877-2-LETHAL or email us.