Lethal Performance East Coast Tour 2020


We were invited by Corsa Performance to attend their First Annual Corsa Cup Invitational (yeah, that's a totally made up name but let's go with it!) at the Pittsburgh International Race Complex in Pittsburgh, PA. While traveling to events is usually difficult for us to leave the office shortstaffed, this was one we didn't want to miss. 


While we were headed North, we figured why not get some content during the 18 hours drive?? So we did! Not only did Jared make some great vlogs about the history of Lethal Performance (15 YEARS!!!) as well as share some stories and backgrounds with some of our favorite vendors, we also got the chance to go VISIT some, including Driveshaft Shop and Stainless Works (and, of course, Corsa Performance). 


Check out the first episode of what we like to call the Truck Diaries, where Jared goes over Lethal Performance's beginnings & staff including some awesome throwback videos from our antics in the office (there's so many more where that came from, too... maybe we should make a montage!). 


Truck Diaries Episode 1: About Lethal




Truck Diaries Episode 2: Character Origins




Manufacturer Tour: The Driveshaft Shop




Truck Diaries Episode 3: Finding Motivation




Stay tuned for more episodes, road course footage, manufacturer tours & more!!