Product Review Contest: WIN $250 & a swag pack!

Want to win a $250 Lethal Performance gift card + swag pack?! 


You guys seem to love all of the crazy bloopers from our Tech Tips videos & more and now you have the chance to make your very own! Flex your creative skills with our Product Review Video Contest.



Record, edit & submit a video reviewing any of the 1000s of performance parts we carry while rocking some Lethal gear (anything from a sticker to a shirt — can be homemade or purchased from our site). We’ll choose our top 3 to go up for a vote and the winner will get the prize! Oh and if you come in 2nd or 3rd you’ll get a swag pack, too.


Make us laugh, make us cry, showcase your favorite product & win! Contest ends November 15, 2019.


P.S. We’ll also send every participant an exclusive one-time coupon code. Think of it as a participation trophy. 


Click here to submit your review!



  • Reviews must be under 1 minute
  • Review must be of a performance part or accessory that we have listed on our website
  • You must have Lethal Performance represented in the video (wearing a Lethal shirt, have a Lethal banner, use a Lethal cup, etc—this can be homemade or some of our awesome gear we offer) 
  • No nudity please and try to keep profanity to a minimum or none at all, this will be shared publicly (we will bleep any curse words). 
  • Entries must be submitted by November 15, 2019.



  • 1st place will receive a $250 gift card to Lethal Performance & a #teamlethal swag pack
  • 2nd and 3rd place will receive #teamlethal swag packs
  • Every participant will receive a contest-exclusive discount code


How to enter:

Submit your review video here:


NOTE: If you are unable to upload the video into the form you can email it to AFTER submitting the form. Please be sure to include your information in the email so that we can match it to your form.


We cannot wait to see the submissions. Be safe. Don’t break the law. Use your brain.

BUT… get crazy, get wild & have fun!