Protect your purchases from Lethal Performance


Have you ever received a package and the box is just beat to hell? The parts inside are damaged/broken and completely unusable? Perhaps you even saw the delivery driver toss the box on your doorstep with no cares through your Ring camera? Then, when you try to file a claim there's 42 hoops to jump through and you have to wait even longer for a resolution?


Or have you ever had a car part break, through no fault of your own, but you're just outside of the manufacturer's warranty? Exhaust clamp broke off, shifter handle snapped or some other nuisance issue? Only causing you to spend more money on a replacement (which, with inflation, is probably more than you spent on the original, let's face it)?


What if I told you we offer protection just for these times?

Too good to be true? Not here at Lethal Performance!

We offer shipment insurance AND extend warranties through our partners Route and Extend



Route: 1-Click Protection Shipping Insurance



At checkout, you have the option to use Route's 1-Click Protect services. Not only will you get real time shipping updates and notifications, but you'll have the peace of mind knowing your purchase is protected from damage, theft or the Bermuda Triangle.

If there are any issues with your shipment, whether it arrived damaged or you were a victim of Porch Pirates, you tap a few buttons to file a claim with Route and your issue will be handled quickly and easily. 


CLICK HERE to learn more about Route and what is (and isn't) covered!



Extend: 1, 2 and 3-year Hassle-Free Warranties


We also offer the option of adding an up to 3-year extended warranty on most performance parts & accessories on our site.



After you receive & install your product, you can enjoy them worry-free with an Extend protection plan. From a simple, stress-free claims process to quick repairs or replacements, Extend will be there for you when the unexpected happens. 

When you add eligible products to your shopping cart you will get the option to add a 1, 2 or 3 year Extend warranty. It's that easy! Once you checkout, your product is covered.



Click here to learn more from Extend.


What's next? We're working with Extend to provide you the option to add an extended warranty up to 30 days AFTER your purchase! Can't decide at checkout? Take your time. Coming soon!




At Lethal Performance we strive to offer a total package of options for you, our customers, to provide the best possible experience. From payment options like Affirm, to Extend warranties and Route shipping protection to good old fashioned customer service over the phone at 877-2-LETHAL or through our support staff at Please feel free to reach out with any questions or to place your order today.