Palm Beach Dyno nGauge Custom Tune Instructions


First off, thank you for purchasing a Palm Beach Dyno custom tune setup from Lethal Performance's The Tune Shop. 

In order for Palm Beach Dyno to create your custom tune, they will need a copy of your stock tune file. This process is very easy to follow. 


If you ordered just a tune and already had your nGauge device, go ahead and skip to the instructions on how to download your stock file. 


If you ordered a tune WITH an nGauge from us, please fill out your form ASAP so that we can get your tune number and ship out the device to you.

Once you receive your device, we will have your tune number and instructions listed inside of the box for you on a form like this:



Once you have your nGauge, you will use it to download the stock file from your vehicle. For a video guide, click below:



Are you more of a text person? We've got you! 


Instructions for downloading the stock tune file from your vehicle


At the vehicle:

1. Plug the nGauge into the OBDII port to power it up.

2. Once powered up, select "Tuning"

3. Scroll down & select "Read Vehicle"

4. Follow the on screen prompts to select your vehicle model & read the stock tune file.

5. The stock tune is now on the SD card inside of the nGauge.


The nGauge has 2 options to connect to your computer. You can either (a) use the included mini-USB to USB cable to plug your computer directly into the nGauge device on the front panel OR (b) remove the mini-SD card from the side of the nGauge and insert it directly into your computer. 

If you are using the USB cable to connect, once the nGauge is powered up you will want to select "Diagnostics" and then "USB SD".


At the computer:

1. Once you've connected your computer to the nGauge either with the USB cable or the SD card, it will display as a separate drive. Here is an example of what it would look like on a Mac:




2. Select the NGAUGE drive and you will see folders. Your stock file will be located in the folder titled "stock files", pictured below.



3. You will need to email this file to and be sure to reference your tune/ticket # (ex: Ticket # 25240, Order AB-4020) with them. If you need that info, please call us or email and she will supply it.


Once you've sent this to Palm Beach Dyno they will work on creating your custom tune & will email it directly to you. Once you receive it, you will want to plug your nGauge into your computer using the same methods outlined above. You will want to place the tune(s) into the folder titled "custom files." Once it has finished copying the tune over, you can head back to your vehicle and load your new custom tune (this process is covered in the YouTube video linked above). 


If you have any questions, feel free to give us a shout at 877-2-LETHAL or email

Thanks for choosing #teamlethal