N2MB WOT Box Installation Instructions for the 2015-up S550 Mustang

1.  Disconnect the negative battery cable.

2.  Locate the spot that you wish to mount the N2MB unit (the glove box area is usually recommended).

3.  Raise vehicle and remove the passenger front wheel and inner fender liner.

4.  Find the harness grommet located in the rear of the fender well. Next, locate the small accessory nipple on the grommet and cut off the tip of the nipple.


Cut the accessory tip off of the grommet to make room for the wiring to be pulled through.


5.  Pull the wiring through the grommet and follow the factory harness to route wires under the hood. Secure the wires to prevent contact with sharp or hot objects.


Pull wires through the grommet. Make sure they are safe and secure from heat & moving objects.


Route wires up into engine bay along passenger side.


6.  Unlatch the fuse box to route the wires up and around to the ECU.


Route wires behind fuse box to the ECU.


7.  Disconnect both ECU connectors. 

8.  Starting with the bottom connector (C175B), pull back the factory loom and wire guard from the connector. Locate PIN # 8 and # 60. (See illustration below for PIN out)


PIN Out for the bottom connector (C175B).


a) PIN #8 should be a green wire with a violet stripe. Strip a short section of this wire (DO NOT CUT) and connect it to the green N2MB WOTBOX wire. Securely solder this connection and protect it with electrical tape/liquid electrical tape.

b) PIN #60 should be a blue wire with a white stripe. Strip a short section of this wire and connect it to the blue N2MB WOTBOX wire. Securely solder this connection and protect with electrical tape/liquid electrical tape.

c) Reinstall the factory loom and wire guard.


PINs #8 and #60 connected to the N2MB wires.


9.  On the top ECU connection (C175E) locate PIN # 70. (Reference the PIN out illustration below)


PIN Out for the top connector (C175E).


a) PIN # 70 should have a yellow wire with a violet stripe.


The yellow wire with purple stripe.


b) Strip a small section of this wire. (DO NOT CUT) Connect the yellow N2MB WOTBOX wire to it. Securely solder this connection and protect with electrical tape/liquid electrical tape.


PIN #70 wire connected to the N2MB wiring.


10.  Locate the coil control (plug located above ECU next to fuse box). Pull back some of the factory loom on the end board/engine side of plug to access the wires.

a) Locate the solid violet wire and cut roughly two inches from the plug. Connect and securely solder the violet wire from the plug to the red wire from the N2MB WOT Box (heat shrink is recommended to protect connection).

b) Connect and securely solder the orange N2MB WOT Box wire to the other half of the violet wire leading to the coils (heat shrink is recommended to protect connection).


The violet wire is connected to the orange and red wires from the N2MB.


11.  Securely reinstall all plugs, wire looms, and any other factory harness protection. Ensure  that all of the connections are secure. 


Wires covered again with loom and other harness protections.


12.  Reconnect negative battery cable.

12.  Download the WOTBOX software from the N2MB website (click here). Follow all instructions provided by the N2MB install software. Connect your laptop to the WOTBOX with the provided cable. Set up software (basic setup pictured below). Before use, it is recommended to set the RPMs low and test the functionality of the two step.


Screenshot of the N2MB software.


If you have any questions, give us a shout. #teamlethal


*Shout out to Mustang6G members dev1360, killjoy47, and fifteen5oh for the images, etc. If you need credit on this, please email christy @ lethalperformance.com. Thanks!